(Cat) Geek is Chic

(Cat) Geek is Chic

il_155x125_59983677When I was a kid, the term “geek” was an insult, denoting someone with an unusual or odd personality, and usually the looks to match.  (The term originally referred to a carnival perfformer who did disgusting acts, such as eating chicken heads).  The internet boom changed all that: a hundred million dollars quickly made a geek into someone to be admired, due to their technical prowess.

Well, that pride of geekiness can now apply to cats.  Do you have a geeky cat (e.g., who watches mice rather than eats them, or who lies on the Wall Street Journal instead of the Enquirer)?iusb_760x100_59921101

If so, you owe it your cat to check out GEEKitty.   Your nerdy feline would love to get his paws on a fuzzy Xbox 360 controller or, even better, an optical Mac mouse.

If you buy anything for your cat, please let us know how your cat responds.  And, send us a photo to post.

3 thoughts on “(Cat) Geek is Chic

  1. Hi Jonathan!
    I love your new blog and have read every single entry from Day 1. Wonderful job by you and Angela!

    I used to be a geek in the old days you mention, but now I’m definitely a nerd. When it comes to cats though, I might still be geek material. Does that make sense?

    Keep up the great work and give hugs from me to all the kitties!


  2. Dear Jonathan,

    My kitty batted it and sniffed it a little….
    But then my young furry friend came and loved it!
    I am proud to say that my kitty is a geek!

    Mila ^w^

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