Geri’s journey

Geri’s journey

geriA little over 3 years ago, Geri arrived at Tabby’s Place a frightened and angry feral cat.

She didn’t want us anywhere near her, and she really didn’t want us anywhere near her brother Ben.

Geri was always very protective of Ben, even when they were living outside for many years. Once at Tabby’s Place, that certainly did not change. Even though Geri was terrified of humans, she would put herself in front of Ben to protect him from us.Geri standing over Ben

You would always find Ben and Geri curled up in a basket together inside Suite B. When Ben passed away in March of 2010, it seemed to hit Geri hard. She no longer had her brother to protect, and she seemed lost. She moved herself from the inside of Suite B out into the solarium for the next few months, not stepping a paw into the room that reminded her of her beloved brother. I believe animals can grieve, and Geri was certainly grieving for Ben. She finally seemed to start coming out of her grief after many months, and finally reentered the Suite.

Today, Geri remains a bit of a loner, never replacing her love for Ben with another cat.

As some of you may remember, Ben also had my heart and I loved him so. When he passed, I spent a lot of time with Geri and told her I understood her pain. Geri tolerates me, but the feral cat in her is still there at all times, suspicious, wary and untrusting. Still, I will always keep trying to let her know she is loved.

GeriA few weeks ago, we found out that Geri has a primary lung tumor in her left lung lobe. A CT scan showed Geri has multi lobe involvement, and it has already metastasized. In short, it’s already spread and there’s nothing we can do. :-( 

At this point, Geri is back home with us, resting comfortably in her suite, where we will spoil her and give her whatever love she will allow, for whatever time we have left with her.  She seems happy and content, and doesn’t appear uncomfortable in any way.

Geri has gone from being a feral cat living on the streets to becoming a much loved family member at Tabby’s Place, and I tell her every day that she is loved. Of course, she’d rather I just give her the treats and leave, but I’ll keep trying to be her friend.

I think her brother would want it that way.

9 thoughts on “Geri’s journey

  1. Geri seems to be waiting quite patiently to join her beloved Ben. One thing for sure, all the folks at Tabby’s Place will take the very best care of her as they have in the past but with a little extra cherry on top. Thanks for sharing her story.

  2. Obviously the same is true with cats as with people, sometimes when one half of a pair passes, the remaining half “stops living” and just seems to survive the time until they can rejoin their other half. I personally saw this with my grandparents on my mom’s side. When my grandpa died, my grandma went on with her life, but I noticed there was obviously something missing.

  3. This is so sad. Geri is so beautiful and I really believe a part of her, deep inside, wants to reach out to be loved and cuddled. I think she knows how much she is cherished at Tabby’s Place and we all know she is getting everything possible in the way of love and care. Let’s all love on her as much as she will let us for as long as we have her!

  4. I believe that animals do greive just like humans and to this day Geri still misses her brother Ben. Geri could not be in a better place to receive a lot of love and affection (wether she wants it or not) for her remaining days. She will be in my prayers. I remember the picture in the buddies for life blog and that special bond will happen again, this time it will be buddies for eternity. The pair of Ben and Geri will not be forgotten.

  5. I don’t even begin to know what to say. I feel as if I know all the residents of Tabby’s Place. I read their stories, I check in every day to see if anyone new has been added or if anyone has gone on to their fur-ever home. I feel as each and every one is a part of my family. I still remember when Ben & Geri were first welcomed to TP and I cried right along with everyone else when Ben went to the Rainbow Bridge. I’m so heartbroken to learn of Geri’s illness. I have every faith though that she will have the best of love & care right up until it’s her time to join Ben. Please give her some treats for me. She’ll be in my thoughts and prayers. She was a good sister to Ben.

  6. Every time I go, I pet Geri (only once), and every time I do, she hisses at me. I leave her treats and tell her that she’s loved…. I was scared of Ben at first, I was supposed to clean his crate and I asked Karina who said he’s harmless, and he was 🙂 He, then, became one of my favorites. I’m glad that Ben and Geri both knew love in their later years….

    1. I’m convinced that in some kitties, hissing means “WATCH IT! KEEP YOUR DISTANCE! (Thank you.) BACK OFF! BEWARE! (That was nice.) I’M A HUNTER! DON’T MESS WITH ME!”

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