Epilogues: May 2019

Let it never be said that May is monotone. Stuff went down this past month, kittens. Billy Ray Cyrus returned to the radio, achy-breaking all of our ears if not our spirits. The President of the United States of America presented a very large trophy to a very large man at the Grand Sumo tournament. […]

Simply the Bets

Scientists talk about the Law of Conservation of Matter. Scientists talk about protoplasm. And scientists talk about other scientists (you know they do). But nothing that scientists talk about is as interesting as Betsy. That’s why we’re going to talk about the Law of Conservation of Cats who are Unable to Keep their Tongues in […]

Forever Loved: Ben

Ben arrived at Tabby’s Place a little over 18 months ago with his sister Geri. Both Ben and Geri had been living outside for most of their lives and they were feral to say the least. Geri was fiercely protective of Ben and would guard him with her own body, flying, teeth and claws bared, […]