From the offices of Barrister Grey

From the offices of Barrister Grey

Barrister Grey?Last week I received an e-mail from a certain Barrister Grey, notifying me that I “have been selected for a conformable Bank Draft of £1.850,000.00 Great British Pounds.”

Some might think that this is spam. But we know it’s just that mellow goofball of the Community Room, Mr. Grey, having a bit of fun with his human beans. It appears he may have been aided and abetted by his assistants, Miss Peachypenny and Pitzel Potts.

mr-g-and-jimiWho knew that Mr. Grey had passed the Bar?

Who knew that the bar had been raised so high?

The truth is, Mr. Grey would seem to have more in common with a daddy-o who never left the 60’s than a buttoned-up barrister. As you can see, Mr. Grey had his share of wild times in that tumultuous decade. His default setting is still “everything’s cooooooooool.”

No amount of tumult ruffles Mr. G. If we could somehow bottle and sell his personality, we just might have a cure for anxiety on our hands. (Then again, if Beauford & Mr. Greytoo many human beans got their mitts on this soothing elixir, nothing might ever get done…ever again.)

These days, the good Barrister has traded in his far-out 60’s crew for the company of furrier folk, like his protege Beauford.

But the question remains: just what is he teaching Beauford to be? Is our groovy grey guy a perpetual child of Woodstock, or a legal eagle?

I’ll leave that one for you to arbitrate.



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