Fools R Us

Fools R Us

We have met the fools, and the fools are us.

Which, incidentally, would be a great name for a new store to occupy the old Toys ‘R Us locations.

But before we go shopping for all our foolish needs,* we need some feline frippery.

I don’t know about you — OK, I totally know about you — but if I ever needed photos of cats being exquisitely derpy, it’s now. New mornings bring new mercies, but new numbers scare me. I pray for senior citizens and health professionals and the living loves I can’t live without. I long for places and faces I haven’t held since before the decade that was March 2020. I rage and cry and get quiet and get gloomy and too often forget the good medicine of ridiculousness.

We could all use some anti-viral ridiculousness today. Fortunately, April Fool’s Day has found us.

Cats, needless to say, are anything but foolish. They are dignified and debonair and dapper and distinguished at all times. But they know our frailty, and so they style themselves ridiculous for our benefit.

Blessed be our whiskered benefactors.

In the midst of all the madness, find yourself some mirth today. It is the day to celebrate our absurdity, and fortunately, that’s never in short supply.

We can still laugh, even now. We can, and we must. This foolish girl loves you very much, kittens.

Thus spake Peanut: Now is the time for dunderheaded derpitude!
Mary and Chewbacca urge you not to be a “covidiot” and avoid social distancing fails like this.
Stafford urges you to experiment with self-inflicted quarantine haircuts.
Dani just wants us all to feel free to let it hang out…
…let it all hang out. Some cats really go for the extra credit derpology.
But even if quarantine has ya feeling like this…
…or maybe this…
…or fussin and frothin like this…
…we think youve still got it.
Please do not throw yourself away…
…there will be much more to sing about
So just sit tight…
…wherever you find comfort…
…be your beautiful, inscrutable self…
…and remember you are no fool to feel all the feelings, even if they come all at once.

Happy April Fool’s Day, dear hearts.

*Which we will be able to do again. Someday. Anyone else suffering an intractable nostalgia for CVS right now? For now, we’ll keep buying our rubber chickens and marshmallow peeps online, alas.

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