Experimenting with spices

Experimenting with spices

PaprikaYou know how it goes: you’re trying out a new recipe, and it includes a spice you’ve never tried – something weird, like fenugreek or chicory. You throw a pinch in, hesitantly. When you taste your concoction, it’s actually…really good. So you throw in a little more. Maybe a lot more. And then…it’s not so good. So you throw it out and start over again, and this time you stick with basil and oregano.

So how the heck does this apply to cats? In a word: Paprika.

PaprikaAlas, our voluptuous, spicy tortie was the subject of a brief, unexpected experiment. (Don’t call PETA – it wasn’t that kind of experiment!) When she was adopted back in June, we thought she would be a permanent ingredient in her new family’s mix.

Alas, it was not to be. There was too much Paprika in the recipe for her adopters, and it was back to Tabby’s Place for the titanic tortie with the heart of gold and the appetite of a blue whale.

Fortunately, Paprika was never without a home in this “experiment.” Once a Tabby’s Place cat, always a Tabby’s Place cat, so she was able to come back to her old human beans right away.

Even more fortunately, Paprika’s second interlude at Tabby’s Place was to be quite brief indeed. Yes, our bodacious Spice Girl has already been scooped up by a loving family. And, this time, the recipe smacks of “forever” in every way.

PaprikaOf course, we never like to see a kitty lose what we’d hoped was a forever home, whatever the reason. It’s likely confusing for the cat, and almost always wrenching for the family that had become attached to her before having to give her up for some reason. Sometimes the reasons make sense to me and break my heart, too (serious illness in the family, for instance, or ceaselessly attempting to duel to the literal death with another cat or human); other times, not so much. Yet it’s comforting to know that our Tabby’s Place sweeties always have a home with us, and that, come what may, even after they leave our arms, they will never be homeless again.

As for Paprika, I’m fairly confident we won’t be seeing her again – other than in happy, spicy photos taken in her new forever home.

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  1. Poor Paprika. I hope this spicy sweet miss is finally going to her forever home. I can’t imagine having to give a cat back. I love my sweet babies beyond all measure. Love to all the human beans and cats at Tabby’s Place!

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