Thoughts from Larry: The Gift

Thoughts from Larry: The Gift

Larry with Yasmine, one of his "sweethearts" at Tabby's PlaceLongtime, big-hearted Tabby’s Place volunteer Larry has begun a habit of putting his thoughts and feelings about the cats into words. Special thanks go to Larry for letting us share his musings with the wider Tabby’s Place family.

Sharing the gift.

Being volunteers gives us the opportunity to share a common goal. Our motto: young or old, sick or healthy, cats rescued from hopeless situations are that Gift. This is what we do. Our gift is for (ourselves) and others.

Larry with Lillian, who will forever be loved at Tabby's Place and all around the worldWhen we send the kitties to their forever homes, that is also our gift. It is easy to say, but sometimes difficult to do. I spend more time with some of the kitties than I do with most people I know. It is easy to love them, but also easy to forget our mission.

Cats are also God’s gift to man. They provide unconditional love for humans [who] in other situations may be hopeless. There isn’t anything like the joy of a cat purring in your lap. For some, that may be the only joy they have left. Their gift to us is the ability to know peace, and unconditional love.

My friends know that I am partial to older kitties, or kitties that need a little extra love and care. I have known the joy of helping [to] care for cats like Crystal, Lillian, and Freda. They are very much alive in my memory. Looking forward, though, if I am sad, introduce me to a kitty that needs that little extra care. I will provide the love.

We will be fine.

 Larry, thank you for helping every cat to be more than fine, and for loving the neediest so, so well.

8 thoughts on “Thoughts from Larry: The Gift

  1. Larry, I admire you for what you are doing as a volunteer, keep up the good work. I’m sure the Tabby’s Place staff is grateful to have people such as yourself.

  2. Oh, Larry — YOU are a GIFT! What a remarkable blog — Larry, you have put into words everything in my heart — I also adore the older and special needs kitties — they give so much love and have so much soul! Bless you, Larry.

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