Epilogues: September 2020

Epilogues: September 2020

There’s something about September that makes us wistful.

By “us,” naturally, I mean exclusively humans. Cats are mercifully devoid of all the wist that twists us in nostalgic knots.

Did someone order a Fiesta?

But for our humble species, September’s sweetness and beauty and heartbreaking speed make us sing sentimental songs. I’m convinced this isn’t entirely because the month’s name rhymes with “remember;” this is a coincidence that’s just all too perfect.

So we’ll try to remember, even though this was admittedly not the kind of September when life was slow and oh, so mellow.

We’ll keep letting love change the minds of pretenders long into October and, heaven help us, November.

And we will celebrate every iota of every action of every cat at Tabby’s Place. Join me:

Arrived: Orzo, Stanley, Cinnamon Raisin, Garlic, Everything (yes we have a cat named Everything YES WE HAVE A CAT NAMED EVERYTHING YES I AM YELLING), Modelo, Potato, Dakota, Alaska, Bianca, Flipflop, Fiesta, Crunchwrap, Utah, Wyoming, Hanani, Cody, Jessie, Tyson

Adopted: Honey, Baguette, Harvest, Shelby, Minnie, Stella, Coco, Oscar, Midnight, Twister, Snoop, Bebe

Cleared from Quarantine: Indiana, Thurman, Burger, Candy, Cherry, Toffee, Miranda

Snooping his way outta Dodge

Promoted to the Community Room: Paige

Promoted to Heaven: Ale, Potato, Billy Jean

October needs you, kittens. We shall not yet speak of November. Just try to remember the cats. Try to remember, and follow.

2 thoughts on “Epilogues: September 2020

  1. September. Come and gone. Thank you for this update, always glad to know we have plenty of Modelo and Cinnamon Raisin Cherry Toffee Candy Orzo on hand. (Garlic?)

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