Epilogues: May 2022

Epilogues: May 2022

Are you jumpy, kittens?

Does this itchy, agitated world of ours have you jittery about June, and joy’s odds of survival, and the existence of jumping worms that clone themselves?

Then you’ve come to the right place.

This photo alone should provide you a lifetime of proof that life is worth living and the world is worth saving.

You’ve come to Tabby’s Place, where our major is Rebellious Hope and our minor is Excessive Weirdness and our favorite extra-curricular activity is Making Sure Everyone Feels Loved.

Including you.

Which is why, you adorable jumping jelly bean, I have come with snacks. Specifically, May’s moments and morsels:

Arrived: Hadley, Whitney, Morel, Tanner, Cinnamon, Wordle, Dandelion, Benji, Cowboy, Bolo, Lasso, Filly, Ponderosa, Charm, Chuck, Norris

Adopted: Ballerina, Flash, Aspen, Cola, Dublin + Doolin + Donegal + Dunmore (YES ALL FOUR YES TOGETHER YES I AM SHRIEKING WITH SPLENDOROUS THUNDEROUS JOY), Pandora, Alfie, Obsidian, Archie, Conga

Forever Foster Fabulosity: Verde, Miyoko

Returned: Perseus

Cleared from Ringworm: Boom

Promoted to the Kingdom of the Big Cheese (e.g. Honey, and lesser cheese Jonathan): Perseus

Dolloped into the Development Office: Magda

Promoted to the Lounge: Rashida

But just in case, here is a visitor from another world to give you peace. And peculiarity.

Promoted to the Community Room: Mary Jane

Promoted to Heaven: Melanie, Lucius, Farrah

Stuff We Learned: You can worry wildly about the world. That’s understandable, and probably a good sign of mental health, since we live in a world where kittens fade, and violence shreds the day, and a group of seven nations gives itself the spectacularly creative name The Group of Seven, thus missing the opportunity to call itself The Bedazzlers.

But you cannot, must not, dare not give up on the world. Not the world where Newsweek pauses its parade of putrid news to feature a sad-eyed cat who is secretly stoked.

Not the world where kittens command sweaters and respect.

Not the world where Crinkle Bob exists. (CRINKLE. BOB. EXISTS. Let all mortal flesh pause in reverence.)

Not the world where Wordle gains over one pound in under one week, and the moon itself grows fat with light.

Not the world where a woolly bear with a head like a chrysanthemum rules the Community Room.

Not the world where hope rebels, again and again and again and again, and everyone feels loved. Even the excessively weird. Especially them (I mean, us).

So be of good cheer. June will make us cry, but it will also ask us to dance, perhaps at the same time. May we be dazzled, and honest, and happy to be here under the June moon together.

Pictured top to bottom: Crinkle Bob (INFINITELY GLORIOUS IS HE!); Eggroll x2; Houston and his magical chrysanthemum cranium

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