Chickin it up, forever style

Chickin it up, forever style

111012-chickadee-by-heather-11We love our adopters.

We loathe our adopters.

Let me explain.

picture-068Nobody really loathes an adopter. How could we? They bring our cats happiness, and absolute happiness delights absolutely.

All we loathe is the inevitable ache, the selfish sadness, of missing a cat we’ve come to love having with us at Tabby’s Place. Never was this ache achier than for the Community Room’s kookiest calico, Chickadee.

But, even as our Chickadee withdrawal continues, the following e-mail from her new adopter – let’s call her ChickieMomma – is healing our wounds.

chickie-condo“I just wanted to update you a little more on my sweet girl, and I attached photos of a few of her favorite things to do.

“Chickadee is a very big mama’s girl. She loves to cuddle at every opporitunity she gets. So much so, that in the middle of the night, she climbs up on my pillow and sleeps on my head! Some may find this annoying, but I think it is about the cutest thing ever.

“She is a dreamer. As soon as she falls into a deep sleep, Chickadee will often kick, twitch, or cover her eyes with her paws in her sleep. I often wonder what she is dreaming about, maybe about being chased by her Tabby’s Place friends?

“Chickadee also likes to sun bathe in front of the sliding glass door, or to ‘people watch’ out the window from her kitty condo. She likes my Pier 1 frilly pillows, and to sit on the back of the couch and hang out.

“I really think Chickadee is enjoying her new place. Sometimes we play with the red laser light, but I don’t want her to get too dizzy with her CH. 🙂chickie-sunshine

“Chickadee is a great girl with much happiness to offer, too much not to share.”

And with that, we know our happy Chickie is right where she belongs – right down to the awesomely feminine pillows, fit for our calico girly-girl. There’s nothing to loathe – and everything to love – here. Thank you for giving our girl the life of her wildest dreams, ChickieMomma.


4 thoughts on “Chickin it up, forever style

  1. ooooh – she is so cute! I know we all miss her terribly but I am SO glad she found such a great mom and a beautiful home — and someone who cares more about her cat than her furnishings! Chickie – you hit the jackpot, little friend!

  2. It is always wonderful to have such great updates on the alumni of Tabby’s Place. May they have many fun and love filled yeaurs together.

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