Back in black

Back in black

Joe by DanielleHmm. It would seem we are in the throes of a theme here.Sable, raven, ebony, charcoal, inky, graphite, glorious black cats.

Joe in all his Charlie Brownish glory, by volunteer/superblogger JM
Joe in all his Charlie Brownish glory, by volunteer/superblogger JM

Sylvia. Star and Venice. Does it get better than this?

Maybe not “better” (who among us dares to rank cats? Except for the universally obvious #1?).

But it does get a good deal bigger. We’re talking big as in Jupiter, big as in opening-week-of-Harry Potter #7, big as in Texas…big as in big. giant. head.

Oh yes. We are in for another full-on loss of our hearts, Felis Catus friends. And the thief is one Joe.

First of all, how does a cat get a name like Joe? Valencia or Cupcake or Ginkgo I can understand…but Joe? So extraordinarily ordinary. So unexpectedly awesome. So…fitting for somebody’s (human) uncle in a trucker hat and Chuck Taylors. Or your cool (human) college friend with the encyclopedic knowledge of Led Zeppelin. Maybe Joe can talk to Steve about the singular radness of having such a very human human name.

But as for you and me, I suspect we’ll be too busy smooshing this face to worry about the etymology of Joe.

Joe by our very own Danielle
Joe by our very own Danielle

Joe’s not really all that big, physically speaking. And when it comes to big giant heads, he’s not even in the top quintile of enormity (methinks Kirk and Luther may have that all to themselves). But there’s something about this lumpy, love-oozing snuggler that’s simply enormous. Epic, even.

Joe is a bit of a “Charlie Brown” cat among his own species. He’s a little too easy to push around, a little too timid about his own right to take up space, and the girls and Mango in Suite C are having a little bit too much fun keeping him in his place. But no matter; we humans have got his back (and his ears and his tail and his big mighty paws…). Our bashful boy is a love-muffin of the highest order, and it will be a bright (and, I predict, swiftly-coming) day in black catville when he finds his forever family.

Meantime, we have some major face-smooshing to do. Time’s a wasting. 😉

PS: Photos are by Danielle and uber-volunteer JM (of It’s All Good), used with grateful permission. Joe hunkers his big self down in the top corner of Suite C’s ramp and is notoriously difficult to photograph, so extra head-bonks to these two for getting such sweet shots.

5 thoughts on “Back in black

  1. Ohhhhh………I’m in LOOOOOOVEEEEEEEE!!! What a handsome boy he is. I just want to cuddle him and snuggle him and love on him. I CAN’T HARDLY WAIT for his forever family to swoop in and snap him up.

  2. Fellow bloggers — YES! A mini-panther, isn’t he?!!!!!!!!!!!! How gorgeous this boy is — I cannot wait until tomorrow (that’s when I get to go and snuzzle that magnificent cat head!).

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