Very wonderful things

Very wonderful things

IMG_20150320_100832Things change quickly in bloom-time.

One day, the garden bed is a faint brown “no.” The next, all the green things yell “yes!”
One day, we brace ourselves for kitten season. The next, we have four nursing moms and eighteen vole-sized smidgens.

Bandi + Big Mac = BFF & ever & ever
Bandi + Big Mac = BFF & ever & ever

In The Secret Garden, Frances Hodgson Burnett wisely wrote:

“It is astonishing how short a time it can take for very wonderful things to happen.”

We’re wise to remember this when it comes to cats, humans, and other complicated entities.

But just in case we need a re-reminder, we’ve got it. It’s adopted-cat-update-smorgasbord time.

Figs and his biggest little fans
Figs and his biggest little fans

Let’s whet your appetite with some fast food and fast friends. The kittens of 2015 should take cues from 2009 tidbit Big Mac. Six years later, the orange nugget has grown into his name…and gained a sibling in Bandi:

“Bandi is doing great. My nickname for her is Boo because, like the ghosts in the Nintendo games, she follows you all over the house and pops up whenever you do anything. She is a real people cat and loves her family. She has gotten a little bigger but is still a dainty cat.

“She does, however, beat the heck out of her favorite toy – Big Mac. They are truly partners in crime and really love each other. She is just the friend Mac needed since his other friend died of old age last year.”

Looking for something sweet with that friendship-sandwich? How about some Figs?

“Here are a few pictures of Figs (we call him Figaro, or Figgy now). He’s such a cool cat. My kids love him.

“I think, if Figgy could speak, he would ask, ‘What’s for dinner tonight?’ He is constantly begging for people food! He stole my daughter’s ham sandwich yesterday, and I caught my son feeding him tortilla chips another time (yes, Figgy ate them). He’s more like a dog than a cat. I may have to switch him to low-calorie cat food–I’ll ask the vet.

"HAAAHAHA! Good one, Figgy!"
“HAAAHAHA! Good one, Figgy!”

“Figgy enjoys playing with my kids (and me) and spying on birds outside the window. He’s an early riser; I can always count on ‘morning opera’ at around 6 a.m.”

But maybe you’re not hungry. Maybe you’re too busy geeking out over the new Star Wars trailer. We’re here for you, too. Or, more to the point, here for you Yoda is:

“Yoda is doing great. We introduced him to our other cat Tommy, and they were both so good together. Yoda is still adjusting. He just needs more time to get use to us, and we will give him as much time as he needs. He is a great kitty, and we are so lucky for you all and for Yoda.

Jubilant Yoda is.
Jubilant Yoda is.

“There are just not enough thank you’s to your team, for all great work that you do! We are so happy to know that there is a place like Tabby’s Place out there. I wish they were more places like yours!

“I attached some pictures of Yoda. He loves to play, and he purrs like a purr machine. He is so cute!”

What? You want more? You’re greedy for good news. I love that about you.

OK, how about some Boris blessings?

“He is doing great! More than comfortable. 🙂 He already has some favorite spots in the house! Meowing alot and just enjoying the freedom roaming the house.”

Be it known: the cats of Suite B are enjoying the freedom of roaming the suite without being annihilated by one Boris.

"Je suis Boris. L'etat c'est moi."
“Je suis Boris. L’etat c’est moi.”

And we’re all freewheeling in the freedom of knowing: very wonderful things are afoot here.

One day you’re dry; the next, you’re blooming.
One day you’re in a hopeless situation; the next, you’re Tabbified.
One day you’re waiting; the next, you’re chosen.

Trust in the timing of wonderful things, kittens.

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