To bleed pragmatically

To bleed pragmatically

Publication1I have it on good authority that you are confused.

Don’t look so surprised; the cats told me.

To invest in love, even for one...
To invest in love, even for one…

Maybe you’re confused about the election.*

Maybe you’re confused about that Snapchat your crush just sent you. Does vomiting rainbows mean he likes you?**

But, almost certainly, you’re at least a little confused about what you are supposed to do.

How do you make the most of the hours you’re given?
How do you burn bright without burning out?
How do you send your love shooting across the sky for the greatest possible good?

If you’re the kind of creature that reads this blog, the odds are good infallible that you have a softer-than-average heart — the kind that bleeds. This is a compliment, mind you. Please don’t ever change.

But to care this much, to feel this deeply, is to ache. It gets heavy carrying the weight and the sufferings of all who sigh, all the more if your heart bleeds for multiple species.

So how do you live your love in a way that changes the world?
How, essentially, do you bleed most effectively? matter how small...
…no matter how small…

As usual, we can claw through our confusion — at least a little — by looking to the cats. None of us would doubt that their love changes the world. But how do they do it?

Very, very simply.
It’s obvious: a cat first coined the call to “Think globally, act locally.”

They rock the wide world by being exactly what they are, exactly where they are, entirely  in this moment, with this person (cat/lizard/wallaby/insert friend’s species here).

They make no apologies for their limitations. If they are in your husband’s lap, they cannot be in yours. If they are in Ringoes, they cannot be in Calcutta. If they have but three legs, they cannot spring across the sea to snuggle all the refugees.

But within the lines they’ve been written, oh, do they sing.

So in our confusion, may we remember: you can move mountains by moving closer to the ones you’re given right here.
Give your all to the call of this very hour.
Listen with all your energy.
Rub that tabby belly in front of you with both hands.

Lose yourself in the here and now, and you find your way and your “why.” to invest in eternal, intergalactic dividends.
…is to invest in eternal, intergalactic dividends.

And, while you’re at it, if you can, and if your heart hungers our way, launch on over to the Linda Fund.

As you may know, the Linda Fund Matching Challenge is our annual, donation-doubling extravaganza. It lasts a month or so; it’s our biggest, brightest shot of the year for raising money for cats in crazy-serious need (exhibit A: Riley).

It’s one of those small actions that isn’t small, a little step that shakes the trees and makes them clap their hands for your kindness.

Bleed and love and thrive on, my compassionate ones. Today and every day, I wish you the clarity of a cat.

*I’m worried for you if you aren’t confused about the election by now. Personally, I now expect that Chuthlu will emerge from the sea to consume everyone at both conventions, resulting in our first half-octopus president. You know and I know that America is ready.

**Yes, yes it does.

2 thoughts on “To bleed pragmatically

  1. Give yourself to love – give some money to remind Tabby’s Place that you love the way they are able to help cats – and you want to help Tabby’s Place to keep on helping and loving cats because you love cats. We really love cats and we really love Tabby’s Place. Thank you for letting us feel we can be a small part of the magic.

  2. Ditto to EVERYTHING our friend FLICKA just said! And to all reading this – you owe it to yourself to visit and see Riley if you can. Oh, what a boy! He has a lot going on, but when I had the absolutely privilege of meeting him, he mooshed that wonderful head into my hands and gave love back to me. I hope he could feel the love I was sending to him and I hope he heals miraculously. It’s Tabby’s Place and The Linda Fund that make this possible – give generously, my friends. Give generously. You can’t imagine how far your love will travel!

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