Kitty LeFey’s Cosmos: The Void is Unresponsive

Kitty LeFey’s Cosmos: The Void is Unresponsive

Oh, for goodness sake!

Screaming into The Void is useless!

The Void is unresponsive!

No matter our levels of frustration, shouting about “it” (whatever “it” may be) will resolve nothing. When things change, no matter how they change, it is futile to get all melodramatic and weepy or wordy or…whatever. If it is the kind of change that requires action: take action. If it is the kind of change that requires adaptation: adapt. If it is the kind of change that requires acceptance: accept. It is highly probable that none of these options is easy. It is highly probable that at least one of these options is necessary.

Change happens. Frustration happens. We must persevere. Daily. (Yeesh!)

When a favorite cat leaves Tabby’s Place, even for the happiest reason, all those who know and care (verb and feeling) for that cat need to adjust to the change caused by that cat’s absence. Invariably, it also means a newcomer will be introduced. Sometimes, this is an easy addition. Other times, not so much.

Not very long ago, space became available in the Community Room for very happy reasons. That doesn’t make it easy to adjust to the addition of some very big personalities. Pickles is as salty, crisp, and delightful as her namesake snack. And, while Gulliver is unreasonably enchanting, he will ungraciously flop over Shelley and squash her without thought if he’s hungry enough to eat, but lazy enough not to get up (Gulliver gets a travel pass anyway).

Shouting about any of this will not change it one whit (most definitely not three or even two whits. What is a “whit” anyway?)

Over in Suite A (Oh, my! The Awesomeness of suite A!!), many shifts and changes mean that the tummy-trouble (That’s being polite!) suite is transitioning into a less-troubled suite. Some familiar residents remain in situ and are adapting to the alterations while newer residents like Poblano (Heart melting like the cheese filling in chile rellenos!) and Shiloh (Stare deep into the eyes of that utter lack of void!) find their places in their new space. If they’re unfamiliar with the ebb and flow of the suite, they won’t waste precious breath screaming about it. They’ll save their voices to plead for more treats and different varieties of dinner options because whatever THAT is, it won’t do.

There are always cats that holler at full throttle, no matter the situation. Prior to changes to the actual lobby space, Grecca had mountains of adjectives that she would hurl at anyone who passed by HER desk. With the physical removal of that desk (GRECCA’S DESK!!!), it now behooves the throatful tabby to direct operations from the less optimal vantages of either the top of a soft crate or the temporary desk. Grecca will holler her displeasure with the change in situation until she is sufficiently attended with food, pets, or an excess of catnip (Grecca gets totes stoned on that stuff).

The void cares zero.

The void is unresponsive.

Luckily for Pickles, Gulliver, Shelley, Poblano, Shiloh and Grecca , we – the staff and volunteers and supporters and adorers – of Tabby’s Place are not The Void. We are not devoid of emotion. We are not devoid of ability. We are not devoid of care. We are not devoid of responsiveness.

Whether we hear happy chirps and purrs, whether we hear harsh cries of unhappiness or frustration, whether we hear demanding calls for different food or attention, we respond. In fact, when we are at our best (We try to be always at our very mostest best!), we anticipate. When we anticipate, there is no need for cries. When we anticipate, voices are hushed. When we anticipate, needs are met before they are noticed by the needy.

So, when changes come, we take action, we adapt, we accept. We always do the best we can to hear the voices and respond to the needs that are launched out into the void. We do our best to make sure every call is heard and nothing goes unanswered.

Outer space is a vacuum.

Deep space is a complete void.

Tabby’s Place is a warm, loving, safe space where no need is too big and no voice is too small to be heard and heeded with every ounce of love and the full measure of everything a world-class sanctuary can offer.

If The Void is unresponsive, it could stand to learn a thing or two from Tabby’s Place. We’re listening.

Author’s Note: Changes keep coming as the grand opening of Quinn’s Corner draws nearer, and Grecca’s new desk situation will hopefully suit her. It certainly won’t silence her, for which we are eternally grateful.


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