Big sisters, little brothers

Big sisters, little brothers

the-pain-and-the-great-one-by-judy-blumeThere are comforting constants in life.

Peanut butter and jelly. Death and taxes. (OK, not always comforting.)

Imperious big sisters and irritating little brothers. Take it from Hope and MJ.

Wilde Oscar, nee MJ
Wilde Oscar, nee MJ

And I do mean directly from Hope and MJ. Normally we receive updates from AwesomeAdopters on their cats’ behalf, but this time we get to hear it straight from the whiskered ones. First we hear from the most perfect-angel-little-brother you could imagine, MJ:

“My name is Oscar, but for months you loved and cared for me as MJ.

“You may remember I am a CH cat, but actually my only real special needs are for lots of love and cuddles and somebody who can stand outrageous cuteness.

“It’s true –the illness and damage I suffered as a wee kitty make me walk a little drunkenly, bump into things, and sometimes fall down (my lady’s facebook friend said she wishes she had as good an excuse for the same behavior), but you ought to see what I can do. I fly up and down stairs, on and off the bed, up to the penthouse of our cat condo, and always into a waiting lap.

mj-oscar-2“I noticed my brother JJ is still adoptable. Please tell people not to hesitate for a minute; we wish we could bring him here, but the landlord has us on a restricted cat allowance.

“When I went for my ‘well kitty’ exam, the vet scared my lady, because the vet said she wanted to keep me for a month. This was not because there was anything wrong with me, but because even she fell in love with me.

“I realized my medical records from the first 10 months of my life were many inches thick. My lady read them page by page and realized you spent a lot of money and effort to give me the chance to be the perfect pet I am today. She just sent a donation to help you to do the same for another kitty because, she says, we are so worth it.

“Thank you for everything you did for me.

“Oscar, aka MJ”

Carson, aka Hope, speaks
Carson, aka Hope, speaks

Have you ever heard of such a perfect angel? If there’s a Little Brothers Hall of Fame, MJ’s face should be emblazoned in gold upon its entryway. Surely he is a sweet companion to the cat who came first, fellow Tabby’s Place alum Hope, right?


Um. Let’s let big sister speak for herself. As I read the following, I couldn’t help but picture a felinized version of Judy Blume’s classic, The Pain and the Great One. Thus saith the Great One herself:

“Hello, Tabbys Place Family,

I’m Carson (but you knew me as Hope). I’ve been happily in my Forever Home for 14 months. It’s a pretty cushy life around here…but my ladies recently brought home my new stepbrother Wilde Oscar.

carson-7“Even though he’s just a kid, I have to admit he’s not bad. The ladies did just what Tabbys Place told them and introduced us slowly, so there was never any conflict.

“He amuses me with his ‘Life is a Playground’ attitude. Even though I sometimes try to seem aloof, we never really get more than 8 feet away from each other. Oscar has a mad crush on me, as of course he should.

“Certain things belong just to me, for crawling on and occasional chewing: TV remotes, cell phones, iPads, computers. I’m a real techie and a great Academic Assistant, as you can see from my office pics.

“With my true tortietude, it took some time for me to become the cuddly lapcat I am now, but patience paid off.

“Life is good. Thanks for giving me a home when I needed one.


Well, then…maybe little brothers and big sisters can get along after all. Hope – make that Carson – springs eternal.mj-oscar-3

Especially awesome coda to this especially excellent update: as always, I promised Oscar and Carson’s adopters total anonymity if I posted their cats’ story to the blog. Everyone appreciates this, because everyone knows that cats of this caliber attract groupies galore.

But here’s what Oscar and Carson’s lady told me: sure, anonymity is fine. But, if anyone wants to talk about living with a cat like MJ, with CH, please let them know they are welcome to contact me personally.

And that’s what puts the Awesome in AwesomeAdopter.


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  1. I can’t believe this is the same skinny little kitten that I used to play with just a few short weeks ago!!! WOW — he hit the adoption jackpot!

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