Epilogues: August 2022

To the naked eye, Tabby’s Place appears to be a cat sanctuary. A special cat sanctuary, certainly. One-of-a-kind. Sensational. Smitten with specifically those cats the world forgot. But Tabby’s Place is more than it appears: an outpost of love. A living, purring, peeing parable. A tumbler of timeless truths. And a place where August can […]

Update on Little Dave

Little Dave has no trouble making friends wherever he goes. As many of you know, Dave has been my foster son and traveling companion since October. Dave is always ready to climb into his heated cat carrier with the cozy fleece blanket, and take a ride to see all his friends at Tabby’s Place.

Leader of the band

It can be a lot of pressure having a band named after you. If anything were to happen to Bruce Springsteen, for instance, his crew would become simply “and the E Street Band.” Bob Marley’s passing left his band as simply “and the Wailers.” And if anything should happen to Dave Matthews, his band would […]