Update on Little Dave

Update on Little Dave

DaveLittle Dave has no trouble making friends wherever he goes.

As many of you know, Dave has been my foster son and traveling companion since October. Dave is always ready to climb into his heated cat carrier with the cozy fleece blanket, and take a ride to see all his friends at Tabby’s Place.

Dave wrestling with Uncle TashiDave is very rarely in a cage at Tabby’s, and can usually be found hanging out with his crazy uncle Tashi in the Community Room. They are always looking for mischief or food they are not supposed to have, since they are both on restricted diets.

We started Dave on a bland diet of prescription turkey or chicken flavored wet food because of  his excessive gulping. Even though he was already getting a few different medications for his gulping, it would sometimes get so bad it would cause him to vomit.

Fortunately for me, Dave loves his meds. He gets so excited as soon as I pick  up the bottle up. Since the diet change a few weeks ago, his gulping is very minimal, maybe two or three times a week. That is usually only when Dave and Tashi get into food  they are not allowed to eat. Dave

Dave gets tons of love and attention from everyone at Tabby’s Place: staff, volunteers, and of course all his furry friends.  At the end of the work day, little David is happy to climb back into his nice warm carrier and take a nap on the ride home.

Dave has his own room at my house, but he is only closed in overnight. He  gets along great with my other cats (including Paco, pictured below right with Dave) and is fearless with my two dogs (Junior, a 210lb. St. Bernard; and Bindi, a Basset mix). Dave loves Paco

Each night at bedtime, Dave has four friends who wait patiently outside his door. They are waiting to find out who will be the chosen one. You see, I have one rule for overnight. That is, only one friend can sleep in Dave’s room with him, and for that one cat, it means an extra can of cat food!

We are continuing to check his kidney values regularly. His last set of blood work showed some improvement to his kidneys’ however his urine is still very dilute, which usually indicates a problem. So, for now, we will continue to check his urine and blood work monthly for any change.

It really has been a pleasure to care for little Dave. He is so gentle and sweet. I really love him!

PS: Dave wanted to share his strangest habit. As you can see at the end of the video below, Dave makes nursing motions with his mouth and tongue when he’s eating his favorite wet food. Bizarre? Perhaps. Adorable? Definitely.

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  1. Kelly, hopefully with all the fostering and care that you are giving him little Dave will be just fine and over come his problems. He sure looks cute and I am sure that some day he will give some lucky person many years of happiness. Remember even when this happens you will always be a part of his life.

  2. Thank you for taking such good care of this little fluffball. Dave is a doll! And believe it or not, my three and a half year old cat Pubert STILL occasionally “nurses” while doing other things. Cat quirks always make me smile. 🙂

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