As proven by its occasional rhapsodizing about Alan Alda and One Direction, this blog is not generally pinned to the pulse of celebrity news. But this week’s star sorrow demands a response. The world has lost its beloved Black Panther, Chadwick Boseman.

Guest post: Sometimes

Here’s the thing. A gin & tonic with a bowl of Salsa Verde Doritos isn’t really “dinner.” But, once in a while, a person needs to meander off the path of “usually,” “really,” and “typically” in order to 1) experience different things and 2) protect one’s sanity.


Bruce Springsteen is livestreaming from home today. I wonder how Ronnie is handling all of this. Frozen vegetables are hard to find. I should call my aunt. Grocery store workers never signed up to be society’s heroes, but here we are. I need to go switch the laundry.