Update for Carrot

Update for Carrot

Dear Carrot Friends,

Our Carrot has had another good month. He certainly doesn’t let the change of seasons dampen his spirits one bit. He has been doing lots of stroller walks with his human friends, and hanging out in his solarium with his feline friends.

During the past month, we had Halloween, and some of the staff decided to dress up some of the cats (the ones who would tolerate it). Carrot was on this list, of course, so I had to share the picture they took of him dressed as a clown.

In true Carrot style, he didn’t mind at all, and just sat there and let the staff have their fun. He truly is a great guy, and so easy-going. The staff also tried to put costumes on some of Carrot’s suitemates. At one point I was walking past the window to the suite, and saw Rebecca, one of our staff members, desperately trying to dress up Archer as a large pumpkin. Archer was not impressed and was giving Rebecca a run around the suite. She eventually got the costume on him for a quick picture, and after that, it was all over and he wanted it off!

Some of the other cats in the building also got to dress up for Halloween. Rose was a butterfly, Hobo was a cowboy, Anka was a handsome devil, and Cotton was a cute pink pig. Most of the cats didn’t mind dressing up in a costume, but some did not want to join in on the fun.

Carrot continues to be healthy and has no medical news to report. This is always good news, and we are always glad to report no issues. Carrot is healthy and happy.

At lunchtime we crate Carrot for a few minutes, so he can eat some lunch. We also put some dry food in 3 different puzzle feeders in the suite and solarium of Carrot’s room. The puzzle feeders have raised areas, so the cats have to work to get food. It is good enrichment for them because in the wild no one is going to just hand them food—they have to work for it.  It’s funny to watch the different reactions of the cats to the puzzle feeders. Some of them really enjoy the challenge of getting the food out and will spend a good amount of time working on getting the kibble out. Pancake is one of the cats who loves the puzzle feeder and will spend a long time working on all the kibble in the feeder. Wilbur is also quite good at getting food from the puzzle feeders.

Other cats—and I include Carrot in this group—have no interest whatsoever in the puzzle feeders. They seem to think it’s just not worth the hard work, and they will wait until later when food is served the easy way:  in a bowl!

That’s all the Carrot news for now. As always, thank you all for your support of Carrot. We couldn’t do without you, and we appreciate you so much.

Your correspondent,