13727665343_bcd319651e_bWe all take shortcuts.

Maybe your famous pizza is 100% homemade except for the parts made by Ellio’s.*
Maybe you made it all the way through a U.S. History major by remembering the lyrics to We Didn’t Start the Fire.
Or maybe you solve all your problems by building a blanket fort.

If you take that last tactic, you may be a kindred spirit to our Evan.

With an “aw, shucks!” face and a “golly gumballs!” demeanor, Evan seems perpetually lost, unabashedly innocent, wondering when he accidentally walked out of Mayberry and into Tabby’s Place. He’s good-natured, good-hearted, and would be good as gold atop the adoption podium…if he would just. stop. hiding.

If Evan is scared, Evan throws himself under a blanket. If dust has blown across the floor within the last three hours, Evan is inevitably scared. Ergo, if Evan had an Instagram account, every picture would look like this:

#blanketfort #youcantseeme #hideyhole

But scared is scarcely the whole story for our anxious Opie. If you — the human bean on the scene — are not scared, and you dare to break the blankety barrier with a confident hand, you’ll reach all the way across the universe to Evan’s heart.

And Evan’s heart…is huge.

Barely have you begun petting him when the rumbles start, first distant thunder, then Pompeii erupting and covering all that cowering in ash. OH YES! Evan remembers in triumph. Love is, in fact, a many-splendored thing. I forgot. Aw, shucks!

Golly gumballs, Evan is glorious.
Golly gumballs, Evan is glorious.

His forgetfulness is as inexplicable as Hot Pockets on fine china. For Evan is not new to this business of loving. All the blanket forts in the world don’t match the warmth of love Evan’s found ever since he was first rescued by pair of epic superhumans we’ll refer to as Mr. and Mrs. Splendorous.

But he’s not forgotten entirely, and we’ll rekindle his remembering with all our might. Already we see it: Evan in love is Evan at his purest essence. Once you’re loving him, he is loving you with the full force of 100,000 Andrea Bocelli songs, leaving all shortcuts aside for full-length, unabridged, extended-cut love.

Love…is all he is.

Since it’s so easy to shrink Evan’s fears down to size with a simple snuggle, we’re confident his blanket-diving days are short-lived. Isn’t this always the way it goes? The kind of “safety” that comes from a shortcut is no security at all. Yet the love on the flip side of fear will free us to be what we truly are.

We’re here for the long haul with you, Evan. The journey of a thousand cuddles begins with one tender toe beyond the fortress.

*Y’know, just the crust, cheese and sauce.

4 thoughts on “Shortcuts

  1. Shy and sweet and oh, so cute. Here’s hoping Evan soon gains confidence – we all know that Tabby’s Place is safe and wonderful – here’s hoping Evan learns that soon.

  2. Oh, what a gloriously handsome boy! The first awesome adopter that sees him and hears his Boeing-reject purr is going to be bringing him home!

  3. Evan is one of the most precious cats on the planet. Just gently lay one finger on him and the spell is broken – all the fear is gone and he is a total mushy fur ball – a wonderful boy!

  4. Is there any corner, however small, in Tabby’s Place where love isn’t flowing? Evan has arrived in a place that comes close to divine, and the word picture you’ve given us shows that he knows it!

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