Epilogues: June 2014

Epilogues: June 2014

14525963951_fa82295e43_zThree million humans are expected to attend the Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks.

Five hundred thousand humans will be at the Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular.

But the humans who are both rad and awesome are right here, checking out what went boom in the Tabby’s Place cats’ world this month.

"Oh no you didn't, Annie!"
"Oh no you didn't, Annie!"

Ah, the 4th of July. Our forefolks battled and tootled flutes so we could set meat on fire and blow things up. If you’re really lucky, your family has a tradition as patriotic as mine, in which, every year, we’d put watermelon sherbet in a hollowed watermelon rind, and watermelon chunks in a ceramic watermelon bowl. That’s right: the real watermelon in the fake watermelon, and the fake watermelon in the real watermelon, just like George Washington did.

Yet even all that isn’t what makes our county great. Cats make our country great. Especially these cats:

Arrived: Oolong, Primrose, Ivy, Poppy, Iris (pictured in thumbnail above), Beamer, Claudette, Tansy

Adopted: Oolong, Poppy, Lincoln, Primrose, Carl, Iris, Barney, Jed(ediah), Sven & Tiki (together), Ted & Marvin (together), Magnolia

Returned: Morticia, Bart, Pecan, Macaroon

Banished to Ringworm: Henrietta, Jack, Evan, Eve (all still, four score and seven years or so later, dies irae, mea culpa)

"I cannot tell a lie, Lincoln...I did, and I'd do it again."
"I cannot tell a lie, Lincoln...I did, and I'd do it again."

Cleared from Quarantine: Ella, Betty, Peggy, Roger, Joanie, Beaker, Janice, Gonzo, Tiki, Pavarotti, Figaro, Maxine, Oolong, Primrose, Ivy, Poppy, Iris, Pecan, Macaroon

Promoted to Heaven: Nimbus, Janice

Stuff We Learned: Pistol-packing Annie knows how to light a Roman candle right under cancer’s tuckus. With not a mealy molecule of cancer to be seen in her latest ultrasound, Annie has two words for all dastardly, bastardly diagnoses: IT’S. ON.

All photos by Mark, who makes the cats’ beauty pop like a thousand starbursts of light. Or something like that.

5 thoughts on “Epilogues: June 2014

  1. Nimbus and Janice – forever loved (Karen says it so beautifully). So sad Bart and Tish, and Pecan and Macaroon lost their forever homes. But thankful they were returned to Tabby’s Place.
    Thank you for this update!

  2. Forever loved by me, NIMBUS. I hope you have found your long-time suite mate, Hawkeye and you are both running free in a field somewhere together.

  3. Of course Lincoln got adopted! Such a wonderful boy.

    I got to meet Bart last night. He is so terribly afraid of all the changes, but it’s easy to see the extraordinary love he has within him. Just a few minutes of petting and sweet talking had him purring and slowly wiggling toward me (while maintaining his tightly-curled ball of fear) where he had perched on the shelf at the window. I hope I get a chance to see him again, but I bet he’ll be scooped up quick.

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