People are Idiots: Goth Cats

People are Idiots: Goth Cats

mpierced1If an adult wants to push metal objects through parts of their body (the woman on the left has 720 piercings), that’s fine with me.  But, come on, leave the cats alone.

You knew this would happen eventually — some cretin pierced their cats.  And they did it for money, which just increases their scuminess quotient.  This happened in Luzerne County, PA, which is how this story caught my eye.

Over the years we have gotten quite a few cats from the Luzerne County SPCA.  The people who work there are animal lovers and work hard to avoid unnecessary euthanasia.  I’m sure this is just what they needed to make a hard job even harder.

Fortunately, the cats were seized and the woman is being charged with animal abuse.  I pray that she gets more than a slap on the wrist.

BTW: it’s safe to watch the video.  There’s nothing disturbing in it, except for the idea.

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  1. That’s just miserable. Until we learn to speak cat and understand one of them to say, “Oh, please give me piercings!” I think it’s probably best to only “pierce” them with their various vaccinations. I’m fairly sure my cat will back me up on this.

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