Welcome Home, Freda

Welcome Home, Freda


After being on 24-hour watch and intravenous fluids for several days at the emergency hospital, Freda’s attending veterinarians felt she was finally strong enough to be sent home to Tabby’s Place where she was eagerly welcomed by the  staff, volunteers, and a very excited me. I couldn’t wait for everyone else to meet this sweet angel!freda-2

Since she arrived back home Freda has continued to do amazingly well. It’s brought me great hope to watch her grow brighter and stronger each day, and to see her personality begin to shine through. She’s already gained an astonishing 2.1 pounds, nearly doubling her weight in a week and half. Needless to say, she has a great appetite, which is always an excellent sign. Also, today our in-house veterinarian Dr. Collins determined that Freda’s upper respiratory infection has begun to subside. So, much to Freda’s delight (and my own), she has two fewer medications to take each day.

One of our greatest concerns was Freda’s blood pressure, which had been significantly elevated; so much so, that Freda requires medication twice daily and regular blood pressure checks. Of course, she’s an angel for these slightly uncomfortable checks. And yes, she has a little cuff just like a human, but her blood pressure is actually checked at the base of her tail not her arm. Thankfully, Freda’s medication is working beautifully and her blood pressure is now within a safe range.

Freda’s currently in one of our quarantine rooms where she will stay until we can determine that she is free ofreda-1f ringworm. She seems content in her new surroundings and continues to inspire and charm everyone she meets. Despite everything she’s been through, she’s extremely affectionate and hardly stops purring when visitors are around.  She loves to be petted and brushed, but I’ve found that scratches around her ears and chin are her favorite.

On Monday Dr. Collins plans to run some follow up blood work to once again assess Freda’s kidneys and thyroid, but overall she is very encouraged by Freda’s progress. As for myself, I believe there is only more good news to come for this special girl.

4 thoughts on “Welcome Home, Freda

  1. Freda — there is something incredibly special about you! You hang in there, sweet girl — there is no better place to be than Tabby’s Place. I can’t wait to meet you and cuddle that beautiful head myself!

  2. Thanks so much for the update on Freda. It’s great to see that she is improving. As she gets better is it possible to have a video of her so that we may get to know her personality? Pumpkin and I send her lots of ear and chin rubs!

  3. Thinking of Freda this morning and hoping that her kidneys and thyroid test have good results. I look forward to meeting her when she gets out of the thickest part of the woods!

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