Japanese Cat House

Japanese Cat House

cat01-1I’m sure I’m somewhat prejudiced, but I have always thought the furniture we have in our Cat Suites has both form and function.  But I ran across this Japanse house that is simply beyond cool.

The site is in Japanese so I can’t make any sense out of the text, but that doesn’t take away from the inredible simplicity and beauty of the design. 

Tabby's Place
Tabby's Place

Spend some time looking around the site and you won’t be disappointed.  Be sure to check out the “cat toilet,” which is ensconsed right next to the “human toilet.”
Simply amazing.cat01-11
For those of you who also have a soft spot for dogs, there is also a canine version.

UPDATE: to see an automated English translation of the page, click here.

4 thoughts on “Japanese Cat House

  1. Hi-I am a Volunteer at Tabby’s Place, and proud Correspondent for Fabulous Fuzzy and Magical Michael of our FIV Suite. At first glance, the featured cat in house looked like our Fern (also FIV suite resident)….got looking around website, and what did I find?
    A Dachshund on the steps of the “Japanese Dog House!” Now I am really in my glory; when I am not at Tabby’s Place, I am helping Dachshunds in need of rescue. Gee, perhaps I can convert my little Cape Cod into such a design! “Schultz Senior Dachshund Sanctuary,” here I come, with special “cat wing” for feline favorites I would love to adopt from Tabby’s Place!

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