Love leaps walls

Love leaps walls

14124046884_89707fc405_zIt’s no small thing to find a soulmate.

People and cats and binturongs stumble their whole lives in search of one true soul, and it takes more than luck to find — or to be found.

But every so often, you stagger into a story that’s also a signpost, a great red flag plunged into your shores shouting “LOVE IS POSSIBLE.”

Wally‘s is such a shouting song.

"What's that about a porcupine?"
"I know nothing about porcupines."

Like so many Tabby’s Place cats, Wally’s back story is as fragmented as a 3,000-year-old shard of papyrus — and even more precious.

God alone knows how life led outdoors for the cat with the noble face and the soul of many fathoms. God alone knows why someone reported that Wally had been speared with porcupine quills (I am not making this up). And God alone could have stitched the steps that led Wally to Tabby’s Place.

His history may be lost to us, but we easily unpacked Wally’s present and future tenses:

1) He had not been attacked by a porcupine (or a Pokemon, or Joe Biden, or anything else).
2) He had not been neutered.
3) He had been very, very, very, very, very richly loved.

#2 and #3 may not seem to go together. Typically an unneutered stray cat is a never-before-owned, likely never-before-nuzzled stray cat. It’s perfectly reasonable to assume that our contact with Wally marked his first extended experience of humankind.

"I can tell you what I know of love."
"I can tell you what I know of love."

But I stick by my #3: this cat had known rich love, and was living from a well as deep as the divine. Only God knows how Wally had received such love. And only God is…perfectly enough.

That #3 factoid came to our attention with gusto, as Wally gave himself over to affection like an athlete in what he knows to be his last Olympics. Wally cuddled. Wally rolled. Wally rejoiced. And Wally…listened.

All cats listen, of course. (How else to know how to handle their simple humans?) But when you turned to talk to Wally, his entire countenance — whiskers and ears and eyes and soul — turned fully in your direction, riveted. You were the center of his universe. There would be no “active listening” classes required for this cat — he was all but a Psy.D. away from being an eminent clinical psychologist.

So it’s no surprise, really, that Wally’s richness met its match in a most magnificent human bean. But don’t take my word for it. Here I turn things over to Mrs. Most Magnificent Human Bean — that’s Mrs. MMHB to you:

“I speak on behalf of (Mr. Most Magnificent Human Bean) when I tell you, this boy is simply amazing. He is…..

“Sooo playful — from playing with 3 fluffy toys at once to batting the ball around his race track!
Sooooo energetic — from darting across the room, landing on the table, to racing through his tunnel!
Sooooooo sweet — from rubbing his head on Mr. MMHB’s chest to snuggling on him when he napped!

Wally + his papa = happiness explosion.
Wally + his papa = happiness explosion.

Sooooooooo amenable — from laying on his back in my arms for a tummy rub to being carried around for a tour!
Sooooooooooo brave — from a vacuum encounter to an hour-and-45-minutes car ride home!
Sooooooooooooo adoring — from looking up at us with those squinting-compassionate-eyes to trailing behind us as we walk across the room.
Sooooooooooooooo smart — from using his litter box to using his scratching pad with gusto!!!

“Wally has cuddled with Mr. MMHB each night,  loving to lay in his arms. Mr. MMHB’s morning routine is to sit and read for a while prior to departing for work, and all his boy wants to do is sit on his lap and be patted!

“While Mr. MMHB was making dinner tonight, Wally was soooooo funny and active. He sprang around and across the room — running through his tunnel, leaping onto a chair, springing over to his triangular scratching post, rolling over onto his back and landing in front of his race track, whacking the ball in the track a few times, until spying mousy-toy across the room- – then stalk, race, stomp, and wrestle! WHEW! He can truly entertain himself and in the process is very entertaining to observe! And, yes, the floor resembles a day care center for cats, or an obstacle course for a human. And Wally’s been with us for such a short time. Imagine what tomorrow and forever will bring!?!?

MmmmmmmmmmmWAH, Wally.
MmmmmmmmmmmWAH, Wally.

“Thank you for your guidance and cheerleading through this process. We love everything about Tabby’s Place, and now to think we’ve adopted a baby that came through your doors!

“PS: Mr. MMHB’s own dad became a dad with Mr. MMHB on Father’s Day in 1962, and now Mr. MMHB has become a dad to this amazing kitty on Father’s Day 2014!

“With Gratitude, Love and Excitement for being able to become a family with, and for, this little boy,
Mrs. MMHB”

Such a story makes all our stumblings towards the sunshine worth it. May we all find — and be — soulmates as soaring as Wally and his family.

The best is yet to come for these boys.
The best is yet to come for these boys.

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  1. Hi. I have to say that Wally is an exceptionally beautiful cat! I love his expressive face – what a sweetheart. So happy he has found such a warm and wonderful home. Best of luck to the new family.

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