Larger than luck

Larger than luck

my-profile-pic-52Trigger warning: Controversy ahead.

OK, now that the fearful few have left the room…

I do not believe in luck.

BooBoo? Lucky? That's a fret. Love > luck.
BooBoo? Lucky? That’s a fret. Love > luck.

Nope. Not even a little.

I like horseshoes. I love Lucky Charms. I aspire to someday meet a luckdragon.

But luck? No such thing.

Before you send an army of angry leprechauns to smother me with marshmallows, let me explain.

I’m simply convinced that something far greater than luck is at work in such stories as these.

Quoth Papa BooBoo:

“Just wanted to send a couple pics of BooBoo. He is doing quite fine and seems to be very happy being the only cat in what he has claimed as his kingdom.

“He has bonded with me rather quickly in the past 3 weeks. He sleeps next to my head on what was a spare pillow every night. He likes to always be close by when I am home.

“When I am at work, my downstairs neighbor says that BooBoo waits patiently close to the door; when he hears anyone close to the our common entranceway, he meows as if he is asking, ‘is that you, daddy?’ LOL. When I do arrive home, he talks up a storm, as if he is telling me all about his day and asking about mine. I simply LOVE him.”

Top o' every mornin to ya, Sandy and Mary Ann. Yer bed o' blossoms beats luck any day.
Top o’ every mornin to ya, Sandy and Mary Ann. Yer bed o’ blossoms beats luck any day.

Or check out Sandy and Mary Ann, nee Cassandra:

“As you can see, the kittens are enjoying life and have gotten pretty comfortable with our kids!

“Both kittens are adjusting well. Mary Ann is extremely easy-going, sweet, and affectionate. She seeks out opportunities for petting, and loves to explore the room they’ve been hanging out in — including climbing shelves and turning our bedspread into a slip-and-slide.

“Sandy is more reserved, but lets us pet him and occasionally pick him up briefly. He has a SUPER loud purr.

“They’ve had some extremely entertaining wrestling matches, and it has been so nice to wake up with the two of them sleeping on our bed each morning.

“Thank you for all you did to care for these two wonderful little creatures, and to prepare them to be great members of their forever family.”

Looking for luck-transcending love a little longer-lived? Lita‘s got you covered. Here’s the news from her new home, an assisted living facility:

Lita and her Mom have been around long enough to know: something greater than luck lives here.
Lita and her Mom have been around long enough to know: something greater than luck lives here.

“Just wanted to let you know that Lita is doing incredibly well! She quickly made herself at home, and Mom is crazy about her!

“Lita is so easy-going. She is doing well staying in Mom’s room, and this weekend we may start to take her around to see the residents (a couple at a time) to acclimate her to everyone. When the time comes that she can roam the whole unit, I’m concerned that she may jump up on the kitchen counter or tables in dining room. Therefore, I was going to get a spray bottle so the caregivers could just give her a little squirt of water to teach her that’s a ‘no no.’

“She is just a wonderful cat. Her purr is almost constantly on, she kneads her paws whenever you talk to her, and she is already bringing Mom so much joy.

“Thank you again for all your help. We are so happy to have her!”

This isn’t luck, amici. It’s not karma, either. It’s Providence and grace — fully intentional, fabulously non-coincidental, and given by the Love that moves the sun and all other stars.

And I know, right down to my jig-jiving feet, that St. Patrick is with me on this one.*

*So is St. Gertrude, actual patron saint of actual cats, whose actual feast day is also 3/17. For realz.

Apropos of nothing: somehow, poor Dubya has left Suite B and is now face-down in the incontinent suite.




5 thoughts on “Larger than luck

  1. What a wonderful way to start off the week! Love for kitties and forever homes puts a smile on the Monday face of anyone! Thank you Angela and Tabby’s Place.

  2. Lovely stories about Tabby’s Place cats in their news homes being happy and bringing happiness to their wonderful adopters.

    I always wondered how and where Dubya would meet his just reward – glad to know the answer. LOL 🙂

  3. Oh, Angela …… leave it to you to find out that St Gertrude is the patron saint of cats!!! 😀 Marvelous article! Hugs to you and all of Tabby’s Place staff!

  4. Great post, and I promise I am not being biased…well, ummm…maybe a little…lol.
    Btw, that photoshoped leprechaun hat on the Boo man looks awesome 🙂

    Thank you Tabby’s Place staff and volunteers for doing what you do.
    with LOVE, Boo and me.
    be BLESSED!

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