Kitty LeFey’s Cosmos: Just Such a Day

Kitty LeFey’s Cosmos: Just Such a Day

Any one day has a way of being something different for all beings. For cats, such days can be wrapped in delicately smoked trout on crunchy crackers, or they can be whipped into a frenzy of furtive, furry activity. Today is just such a day where it is as it is for each of you, it is probably (On this particular day, hopefully) vastly different for me than for you, and, at Tabby’s Place, it resonates with different rhythms for each and every cat. For those with paraplegia, the day will begin, middle, and end with squeezing and diapering (or undiapering for a night’s freedom). Punctuating that which aids and annoys them will be multiple breakfasts, many lunches, snacks, suppers, dinners, play time, and lots of naps. The beating drum that marches out their tune may shape their days, but it doesn’t define them.

Antin’s days are most accurately defined by the people he adores being adored by. Olive’s days are defined by happily (Hmmm…) keeping her lobby running per her precise preferences. Anka, meanwhile, runs a tight ship in the Volunteer Department, keeping a close eye on the bejeweled Karina, Director (reporting first to Anka, then to Jonathan), and the sparkling Jae to ensure that they keep us volunteers on the right tasks and up to snuff.

For other cats in the building, the rhythms are different, but no less well defined. And, we are all taken to task by them for keeping on track. Marcia and Harriet mind the helm of the tall ship, steering Jonathan in the right direction to ensure safe harbor and glad tidings for all who enter Tabby’s Place. His finger-clicks across the keyboard and daily rounds to deliver medications maintain a tempo that is dictated by all the cats’ needs. [Marcia insists that I remind you that she is the Executive-Executive Director and both Jonathan and Harriet report directly to her, but…oh, Marcia, Marcia, Marcia…]

Picking up the pace and keeping us all connected, Angela, Director (reporting first to Rashida, then to Jonathan) and Lisa have the Development Department spinning out a melody that ensures that the beat will go on. Through their lyrics and harmonization, the generosity that is the song of Tabby’s Place is punctuated by the amazing choral performance of our cherished donors.

Arnold prefers Punk.

Arnold is wholly anti-authoritarian, excepting his own authority. Running the Adoptions Department and keeping the triumphant trio of Carolyn, team lead, Tiffany, and Rey on their toes is a full time business that requires heavy doses of electric guitar…and an orange collar to remind humans that Arnold is punk (Disambiguation: Arnold is not “a punk.”).

The rhythm of Arnold’s day is punctuated by demands for attention hollered through the office glass at any and all passersby. A needless sense of urgency imbues Arnold’s day with sharp chords and metallic twangs. Don’t be fooled. Offered with care and alertness (Remember that collar!), softer tones underscore a sound that is large and largely unique to Arnold (for which we are grateful, no matter how much we appreciate Arnold and his uniquenesses).

Today, with the raucous cat-cauphony that echoes through the halls and suites and offices of Tabby’s Place, is just such a day when all the flows and patterns come together and cancel each other out. The result is a beautiful blank verse set to music that reflects every individual as well as the complete chorus.

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