Ivan the conqueror

Ivan the conqueror

110330-ivan-11Oh, friends. You are in for a treat today.

If this were caloric, it would be Death Life by Chocolate. If this were a movie, it would win every single Oscar. This is an epic treat. This…is an update from Ivan‘s momma.

d-and-i-catsWould you believe that Ivan not only
(a) found a phenomenal home 
(b) found a true-blue AwesomeAdopter in a Tabby’s Place volunteer,
but also
(c) found a feline brother who shares his magical markings and a Russian-inspired name?

I know. Too good to be true. And yet…true. But don’t just take it from me. Let’s call Ivan’s AwesomeAdopter The Tsarina, and let’s hand it over to her:

“I just wanted to let you know that Ivan is doing great!

“He and Dimitri (my other cat) are getting along (most of the time) and the adjustment period has gone pretty smoothly. Ivan is capable of great speeds when racing Dimitri up the hallway, so I am assuming his legs are feeling just fine. 🙂

ivan-asleep“I have attached a photo of both the cats together, and also a picture of Ivan asleep on the couch using my leg as a pillow ~ the guy knows how to relax!!

See you all at Catoberfest….”

Speaking of which, there’s still time to get in on the Catoberfest glory from a distance via the online auction. But, as good as the goodies there may be, they can’t touch this treat. Ivan, Dimitri, and Tsarina, your love is more beautiful than all the onion-shaped domes in Moscow, more delicious than a river full of borscht. We love you!

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