Guest post: Zesty: Sweet, sweet Archie

Guest post: Zesty: Sweet, sweet Archie

Peanut butter and jelly might just be passe.

No judgment here if that’s your comfort food nod to your youth – prior, current, or continuing. Enjoy your jammy jawfuls. However, I have it on good authority that peanut butter and fluff, a.k.a. fluffernutter, is de rigueur (I will neither confirm nor deny an ever so slight bias). How am I privy to such information, you might ask? I know because Archie told me so.

I was quite literally lying prostrate before his eminence, who was feeling quite cozy atop his bedding beneath the suite B overnight crates, when Monsieur Archibald of Sugar Hill Castle enlightened me. Whilst we two enjoyed a tete-a-tete (okay, it was more of a pet-pet-pet), Archie displayed his peanut butter and fluff colored coat to great advantage.


This applies to both his beautiful fur and his shy, yet engaging temperament. 

Also, it is entirely possible that Archie is Odin. 

Okay, okay, Archie is probably not the Allfather. In fact, he’s probably not anybody’s father. Nor is he warlike or death-god-like in any sort of way, not at all, zero, zippo, nada, nil. However, he is all about music and poetry, and Archie’s wisdom is infinite. After all, he is a cat, hence both god and king. Definitely king, as there is nothing of the one-eyed jack about this gentle creature.

Something tastes lip-smacking good

Welcoming of affection from humans (be sure to scratch around the head and ears; yes, just there, and oh, yes, under the chin; yes, just like that), Archie is taking his time deciding about his fellow suitemates. He’s not necessarily put off by Elliot’s antics, Ralph’s opinions, or Zeppole’s explorations, but he’s also not actively seeking any of them out. At least, not yet.

Archie, like a proper fluffernutter, presents himself appealingly by simply being about the sweetest thing anybody could hope to dish up. With a nose perfect for booping and a disposition that allows him to accept and even enjoy having his toe beans adored up close and personal, we might find Archie in contention for the title of Sweetest Cat at Tabby’s Place Ever (refer back to Monsieur Archibald of Sugar Hill Castle. Vive le doux roi!). 

Having Archie around unquestionably means being well-stocked with essentials. Back in the day (I’m guessing today too; even here in New Jersey it’s easy to find marshmallow creme on the same shelves as the PB&J), a New England pantry worth its salt definitely had an ample supply of peanut butter and fluff.

Today, any home would be very well-supplied with sweetness and love, if Archie were providing all the marshmallowy, nutty gooeyness. For the time being, he will nourish us at Tabby’s Place, and we will do our best to give him everything he so richly deserves along with heapings of crunchy treats.

And, speaking of treats, where is my fluff ‘n peanut butter?

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