Guest post: Zesty: Grecca the Great

Guest post: Zesty: Grecca the Great

Even the very best of days can be tinged with sorrow. Too often, the exact someone with whom one wants most to share the brilliance, the joy, and the moment is just not there.

Sometimes their not being there is irrevocable and irreversible.

Such it was that on a blissful, blustery day, I walked out from the laundry room into the Lobby, and the area by the door was empty. There was no screamer clamoring for attention and food. There was no circler trying to sneak through that door.

The silence left by Cheela’s sad departure was deafening.

The empty space left by Walter’s too cruel exit was gaping.

Then, out of the darkness, came Grecca.

Grecca is! Full stop. Enough said. But, there is so much to say about this glorious girl, and believe me, Grecca is trying to say every last word.

That girl has got gumption. Grecca is grand!

This cool tabby has all the zing and effervescence of ginger beer. Her zip is zestier than all the limes from the Florida keys that ever made it into pies. Lacking tartness, though, this lively lady screams — literally — of courageous vigor and sweetness.

Grecca has grace, too! Make no mistake, she be feline in all the ways a proper feline be feline. Ya feel me, dawg kat?

Being that Grecca is so great and so very, very Grecca, it has become evident that she has come to Tabby’s Place at the exact right time to fill up some of the emptiness left behind by others.

Grecca’s big role is first and foremost to be herself, which she does with splendor. Secondarily, Grecca has taken on the job of glorifying the gifts of our Cheela and our Walter. She already sings with gusto. And, she is being taught (carefully and cautiously by yours truly) that being picked up and cuddled is exactly right and proper. Eventually, she’ll demand it, a la Walter.

Tremendously, our lovely tabby certainly has channeled Walter already, and without any help from me. I know, because I, for one, have been Grecca’d.

You, dear friends, are going to get Grecca’d too. Believe me! And, trust me on this: you can hardly wait!

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