Guest post: L’Chaim!

Guest post: L’Chaim!

There are many types of foundations.

Concealers are foundations the likes of which Jonathan Van Ness might recommend to even out one’s complexion and to provide a little sun protection. Structural foundations are built to support actual buildings, like the one that Quinn’s Corner will soon stand upon.

And, then there are more philosophical and profound foundations of the kind that support organizations like Tabby’s Place, the house that Jonathan Rosenberg built 18 years ago.

A foundation is only as good as its Faye

These kinds of foundations are the most important of all, because they bolster actual living beings.

In the case of Tabby’s Place, those who benefit from a strong foundation include, of course, many cats, and also staff, volunteers, loving supporters, and donors.

Over these past 18 years, the structural foundation has continued to support the weight of our beloved orange and blue building. At the same time, the heart and soul of all those involved in the daily operations of Tabby’s Place provide the foundation that keeps the organization purring along, thrumming with life.

An igloo for 2 is a foundation for a beautiful friendship, as Wonton and Chewy can attest

With all the energy and effort and enthusiasm that is brought to bear to meet the vision that is Tabby’s Place and to provide the services that only Tabby’s Place can, it is no wonder that this foundation is more sound than that of any fortress, even though it is intangible.

This bastion of love and protection for all who shelter within its walls – both literal and figurative – upholds one and all by the pure strength of its existence.

We are indebted to Jonathan for his generosity and for imagining this possibility. We are indebted to Sharon (Jonathan’s wife) for providing the foundation that enabled our founder to found this institution (bet you thought I was gonna say ‘foundation’).

In honor of this very special anniversary, I propose a toast (perhaps rye, but maybe melba is more your thing): L’CHAIM.

Carrot and Elijah rest comfortably knowing their foundation is sound

To Life.

Specifically, l’chaim to the continuation of the life that hums and throbs (and occasionally produces hairballs) and keeps Tabby’s Place thriving and growing.

Cheers to the next 18 years! (Maybe by then we’ll go for the multigrain.)

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  1. Definitely indebted to Jonathan and Sharon Rosenberg for their creation of Tabby’s Place – a place and a dream come true for cats and people who love cats. Making the world a better place, one cat at a time.

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