Guest post: Forever Loved: Beatrice

Guest post: Forever Loved: Beatrice

9194242225_125596f543_zEditor’s note: Yesterday morning, Tabby’s Place was rocked by the passing of longtime resident Beatrice.

Volunteer Larry, who perennially referred to Beatrice in his Texas drawl as “mah sweetheart,” was so kind as to pen the following tribute.

Beatrice by Larry, c. 2012
Beatrice by Larry, c. 2012

“Finding the words to write about Beatrice turned out to be one of the hardest things I have ever attempted.

“Selecting a picture was even harder.

“I have on file in my computer over 300 pictures that I have taken at Tabby’s Place over the years.  As it turned out. I was only able to find one of Beatrice.

“I have written farewell articles on Erin, Chance, and Molly. I had photographs of them all. But I never took pictures of Beatrice, because she was always in the Lounge.  I was sure that she would always be there.

“When I was asked to escort potential adopters around Tabby’s Place, I confess I somehow forgot to introduce them to Beatrice.

“She was the kitty that was always there.

“She was the kitty that we all loved.

“And she is the kitty that we will all miss.”

And miss her we shall, as first shock melts into tears today.

11021766013_1352f7fc9a_zYet we do not grieve — we must not grieve — as those without hope.

In one sense, Larry’s instinct to not need a photograph of Bea was spot-on. You don’t need a mirror to remember your own face. You don’t need a picture to remember a friend of the heart. And you won’t forget the face of a love you can’t finally lose.

The American author Sheldon Vanauken has written of his last meeting with his teacher and friend C.S. Lewis. At their parting, Lewis remarked, “At all events, we’ll certainly meet again, here — or there.”

Beatrice, we ache that your golden eyes will no longer rise to ours here. But there — oh, glorious there — we will see you again. “Missing” will melt and photographs will become redundant where faith becomes sight and life conquers death.

In the messy meantime, from here to there and always, we love you, shining Bea.

7 thoughts on “Guest post: Forever Loved: Beatrice

  1. I had been worrying about Bea for some time. She got so thin over the months but she still was happy to reward some lovin’ with a purr. It is true – she was just always there in the lounge. It will not be the same without her.

  2. I was very saddened to hear of Bea, who I nick named, “Bea Baby” passing over to the other side. Bea Baby the Lounge will not be the same without you there. Furever Loved, Furever Missed by one of your many fans, Joyce B

  3. This is the most heartfelt and beautiful tribute I have ever read. I didn’t know Beatrice but having had my own beautiful cats and having to say good-bye to them these beautiful words that left me crying for my kitties who have crossed that bridge you have given me that strength and belief that we will meet again. The depth of love for our animals cannot be measured but they know and they purr…..

    1. Thank you so much, LucyAnn. We walk through the tears together, trusting that one day we will emerge on the other side. I believe with all my heart that you will meet your beloved cats again. Thank you for loving our Bea.

  4. Dear All, I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your beautiful Beatrice. She was as kind and sweet as she was lovely. Larry, I know she loved you best of all of us and I am glad she was a Tabby’s Place cat to the end. I do believe she was always happy even as her health declined and I know for certain how much she was treasured.

  5. What an incredibly beautiful tribute. Hugs to all of you who are achingly missing her presence … while rejoicing that Beatrice is safely home.
    Love from Greta LaCat and me,

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