Gratuitous cat photos: Cold emergency edition

Gratuitous cat photos: Cold emergency edition

First things first: the Ringoes, NJ metropolitan area is not formally having a “cold emergency.”

Unlike our very real heat emergency, this one is entirely our invention (and by “our” I mean “mine,” because I am the World’s Biggest Winter Weenie, and I enjoy hiding behind the mantle of “our”).

That said, the cats know and I know: we are having a cold emergency.

This two-headed snuggle beast is Mary Angelo, the forgotten Renaissance master.

After a glorious autumn lasting approximately three days, Ringoes has plunged into temperatures that, as the weatherfolk love to tell us, are record-breaking in their rawness. Nineteen degrees is scarcely tolerable in January, but in early November?

It’s an outrage, except that we have no one to rage at.

So, since raging is rarely an elegant strategy, we’re just going to love.

We’re going to forgive the wonkiest weirdos and bring hot coffee to the coldest curmudgeons. We’re going to share our floofiest blankets and our hearts. We’re going to bundle up in our toastiest thoughts, ambushing each other with affection.

Puzzle and Tux initiate Bruce in the ways of snugglage

And, if we’re feline, we’re going to choose some odd and awesome bedfellows.

When it’s colder than chaos in your neighborhood or in your spirit, there’s only one thing to do: cuddle. Even at your shiveriest, you have The Warm within, and you can’t get cozified without cozying right back.

Literal hugs recommended but not required. Let’s end this emergency the only way we can, kittens. It’s time to mush against the machine.




Fear not; since Polly joined the window box bunch, we have fortified the box with steel girders
Olive + Walter = holy mackerel it must be cold.
You are never to young to cuddle…
…and it is always wise to draw inspiration from Sammy and Puzzle.

No, you are not imagining it: Puzzle, Tux and Sammy are shamelessly over-represented in this post. But that’s only because their year-round huggitude has inspired millions. Or at least Polly.

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  1. What wonderful pictures. There is nothing sweeter than seeing little and big kitties cuddle – whether it’s cold or not. Here’s hoping all outside kitties are able to stay safe and warm this Winter.

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