Fridae/i Alumnae/i

Fridae/i Alumnae/i

You come to this corner of the internet of your own volition. We don’t take that for granted.

You put up with the ramblings of the insane. You laugh and cry with us. But really, you come for cat photos.

So to finish your week in clover, I hereby bestow you with a big bountiful buffet of alumnae/i updates. Dig in, kittens.

First and Bozmost: ‘memba Bozzie, that brave, bushy-tailed mama of the B-Kittens? Now she’s enjoying her turn to be somebody’s baby — and quite a stellar somebody, in the form of a longtime, beloved Tabby’s Place volunteer. Bozzie has also been bestowed with the far more ladylike name Luna. That lovely moniker suits the beauty of her new BozLife:

Lunacy? By no means; just love in the third degree.
The look of love is in her LunEyes.
Call it dreaming. (More on that in a moment.)

Meanwhile, just a little littler than Luna, siblings Sparrow and Finch are flying high in their forever home. Their parents are more pleased than potatoes, and they’ve renamed them Tater and Tot. As you’ll see, the names somehow fit perfectly:

“How was your day?”
Seeing invisible entities: you’re doing it right, kids.
Call it dreaming v.2.0.

But maybe you like your Heartwarming Alumni Updates a little older, a little more positive — FIV+, that is. We gotcha. Snuggle up with Sebastian, that courageous champion who stole the heart of another beloved volunteer:

Call it dreaming v.3.0.
Call it “helping.”

Still missing something? Eyes still crossed searching, seeking, scouring the internet for…

Oh yes. That hubba-bubba effervescent face. The Bubbling One is doing beautifully, but of course.

And now, go forth on your weekend dreamily, dear ones:

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  1. Thank you, thank you! What a way to start the weekend. Happily adopted cat photos! This is what it is all about – spreading the love around and sharing the photos. Bubbles – love you. Finch and Sparrow Tater Tots – love you. Sebastian and (Bozzie)Luna – love you!

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