Forever loved: Nuttin’

Forever loved: Nuttin’

111012-nuttin-by-heather-coneheadFor once, I will keep my mouth/keyboard shut, as nothing I could say would add to the perfect tribute below. Thanks to all who have been praying for our old battle ax in his final days.

The following was penned by Jonathan, for Nuttin‘s faithful sponsors.

120703-nuttin-2“It has taken me two days to summon the strength to write this Special Update.

“It was just 48 hours ago (as of this writing) that we let dear Nuttin’ go. His cancer had gotten much worse during the past few days, and his quality of life was fading rapidly.

“Nuttin’ was one of the old guard at Tabby’s Place. We figured that he had spent 1/2 of his life here. You can imagine how hard it was to say goodbye to him.

“Nuttin’ has a long, storied history here. During his first few years he was, not to put too fine a point on it, a terror. He was a vet’s nightmare, making each exam, blood draw, etc. into a test of wills and strength. Many an exam ended up with unanticipated blood draws (from the humans, that is).

110814-nuttin-by-jbh“Nuttin’ also had a habit of biting human ankles. We eventually put him on a Prozac-like drug in hopes of curbing this behavior. We tried to reduce his dosage several times. Each time, he would bite another ankle within a day or two, and we would bump his dosage back up.

“Despite this oafish behavior, Nuttin’ was loved greatly and accumulated many fans over the years.

“He actually mellowed, and he became quite affectionate for his last year or so. In fact, he became quite the “lap fungus,” and got downright friendly with his suitemates.

“On his final day, Nuttin’ entertained a long line of volunteers paying their respects to the old war horse. It was an enormous outpouring of love for the old guy. He went very gently, cradled in the arms of Karina, one of his favorite people.

Nuttin with Gus and Mona
Nuttin with Gus and Mona

“To me, his passing feels like the end of an era. It’s hard to imagine Tabby’s Place without that guy.

“He was such a butt-kicker that I can imagine him being sent back down from the Rainbow Bridge for bad behavior 🙂

“RIP Baby Boy.”

Jasper and Nuttin
Jasper and Nuttin

Note: It’s also with great sadness that I must share the passing of another Tabby’s Place giant, Nuttin’s longtime roommate Jasper. This gentle guy knew the joy of a forever home in his final years. The haunting timing of his passing, just days before that of Nuttin’, was not lost on us. An eminent FIV+ Suite is being reconstituted on heavenly streets of gold as we speak.

Photo credits from top to bottom: Heather C., Flangela, Jessica, Jane, Rosanna.

15 thoughts on “Forever loved: Nuttin’

  1. I last saw Nuttin’ on Thanksgiving morning. I had come in to help with suite cleaning and I just had a feeling that I needed to spend some time with my boy. Nuttin’ and I shared a relationship that was deep in intellectual conversation and head scratches. He had always been affectionate with me but had never been a snuggler. Well, that last day, I sat down next to his crate that he had become fond of in his last days and started talking to him. He walked slowly out of the crate and lay down right in my lap. My first Nuttin’ hug! I stroked him and snuggled him and really enjoyed those last moments with him. It was as if he knew, and was saying goodbye. I will cherish Nuttin’ and that last memory of him forever.

  2. Nuttin and another former FIV+ cat Dusty always had to be separated from each other while they were both alive in the FIV+ Suite. I’m hoping once Nuttin joins Dusty in the afterlife, they don’t have to be separated up there also, instead they are friends forever.

  3. Uncle Jon please don’t be sad for too long. Nuttin is feeling real good now and playing with all his TP friends that were waiting for him at the Rainbow Bridge! He knew you loved him always, even when he was grumpy too!

  4. RIP – both Nuttin and Jasper. Nuttin may have spent half his life at Tabby’s Place but during that half of his life he kenw love and affection wether he wanted it or not. As i have said in the past keep up your wonderful work for those wonderful felines.

  5. RIP Nuttin and Jasper. But I hope Nuttin and Jasper are playing over the rainbow and they are catching a mouse! Nuttin was really special. I was praying for him but, when I learned he died I cried and cried. When ever a Tabby’s Place cat or one of my friend’s cat dies, my body trembles and my heart kinda sinks. Well, I will pray for the other kitties at Tabby’s Place. I will always remember Nuttin and Jasper. Any more sick cats or need help? I will pray with them it would be helpful if you emailed me those cats who are sick or need help, I hope you email me about if a cat dies too. Please! Even though I didn’t know Nuttin and Jasper that much I will always love them and all of Tabby’s Place Cats!
    Have a great day!
    Jacob (Cat Man and Cat Whisperer)!

  6. Let’s all join Jacob and pray for Nuttin and Jasper and all the departed fuzzy babies and all the ones at Tabby’s Place that we love so much. Rest in peace, sweet Nuttin — you were definitely one of a kind and you will be forever missed.

  7. I am extremely sad and sorry to hear that Nuttin is gone. Every time I log on to the Tabby’s Place website to check on everyone’s progress I always hold my breath until I see Nuttin’s status. He and Mozart were definitely my favorites. Nuttin struck me as such a “cuddly Bruiser” and I fell madly in love with him. I occasionally read about Nuttin’s hijinks in his suite and I knew he could not help himself. His dominant personality made me love him even more. So he was one of my anchors at Tabby’s Place and he was such a good boy! I will miss terribly!!!

  8. I suddenly found out that Nuttin was seriously ill late in November. Please could you post in detail what happened and how his disease progressed? I checked the previous blog and could not find much information in how things occurred. Thanks again. Nuttin was such a spunkster!

  9. Thanks so much Angela,
    I was able to catch up on how his disease progressed over a relatively short period of time. I will dearly miss his sweet pink nose.

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