Invitation + Epilogues: September 2023

Invitation + Epilogues: September 2023

The Tabby’s Place cats voted, and it was unanimous. October is the best month.

It’s Tabby’s Place’s anniversary. It’s so spooky and shivery that “cuddling cats” becomes non-negotiable.

It’s when the world turns the color of processed cheese.

This year, it’s a good deal besides. It’s not just our anniversary, but our 20th anniversary. We’ve reduced adoption fees to a thrilling $13 (down from $135) all month.

We’re hosting the Grand Opening of Quinn’s Corner on Saturday, October 7th, which means our cats may get to meet you, and you may come bearing processed cheese. (They will love you even if you fail at this mission.)

Do you have any idea how much we want to meet you, Tabby’s Place family? We want to meet you more than Jerome wants to meet a life-sized Gouda sculpture of himself. We want to meet you more than trick-or-treaters want full-sized Snickers. We want to meet you more than the ocean wants to meet the sea.

Of course, we’ve already met you in the form of your mercy. You, radiant rebels, have loved Quinn’s Corner into reality. You are the reason Derby and Tortellini and Trifecta and Durin and Oram and Tucker and the whole FeLV+ fun bunch are alive. (So very alive. At least 500% more alive than the average mollusk or senator.)

But we want to hug you. We want to jump up and down with you and say “look what you did!” We want you to see your love in leaping, luminous action.

We want you to bring a 55-gallon drum of liquid cheese. (Oram types 83 words per minute.)

Ice Spice has been informed that her namesake created a frozen coffee beverage. Ice Spice awaits proper remuneration, or at least a sample.

Most of all, we want to thank you. Join us?

But first, join us in remembering September:

Arrived: Oasis, Weezer, Muse, Blur, Trifecta, Jasmine, Marvin, Poquito, Harriet, Greg, Craig, Alessia, Elsa, Splinter, Flick, Flack, Matcha, Chai, Rufio, Socks, Lina, I-95, Monty, Roan, Wells, Lexa, Jaha, Uni, Warren, Puff, Farva, Shenanigans, Hullabaloo, Jamboree, Buster, Minnie, Oswald

Adopted: Pele; Dylan (FeLV+); Sunny & Fantine (together); Gavroche & Nimona (together); Wigglytuff; Lovebug (FeLV+); Cleopatra (YES! THE GOLDEN QUEEN! YES I AM YELLING!); Wilson; Mayo; Rufus; Zulu; Alfa & Bravo (together); Neige; Bob & Bartleby (together); Blueberry; Jay & Loki (together); Gooseberry

Returned: NOOOOOO ONE.

Promoted to the Community Room: Yuki, Ice Spice, Beau

Promoted to Heaven: Lynette, Deputy, Oma, Poquito, Sunflower, Harley

Kilo is not concerned that his brothers Alfa, Bravo, and Zulu have been adopted. Kilo is concerned that zero hamburgers have been provided to console him.

Stuff We Learned: A life in bloom outlives life itself. Cuteness is overrated. You are underrated. Love resonates.

Also: persons smarter than me have determined that almost everything we know about cheese is wrong. Of course it is. We have yet to sculpt life-sized cheese effigies of our residents. Where are our priorities?

Well, I’ll tell you: my priority is getting you here on October 7th. You are our heart, Tabby’s Place family. You are the promise made and the promise kept to our cats.

You are the people who won’t rest until every cat is invited to the party.

And now, you are invited to party with us.

Cheese optional.

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