Epilogues: December 2013

Epilogues: December 2013

11521616413_c9e96a91ac_zThe cats would like you to know they sincerely believe in you, and they believe 2014 is going to be Your Year.

You’re finally going to finish The Brothers Karamazov. You’re going to beat level 103 of Candy Crush. You’re going to find out what the fox says.

But first, there’s the small matter of tying up December’s loose tales.

Congratulations, Felix. You're a lounge cat!
Congratulations, Felix. You're a lounge cat!

To finish out 2013, the cats done did this:

Arrived: Nelson, Nigella, Sandrine, Ruby, Rose, Mateo, Achilles, Charlie

Adopted: Dre, Buffy, Elizabeth, Jodi, Rainey

Cleared from Quarantine: Rainey, Benny, Joon, Doc Watson

Banished to Ringworm: Charlie

Promoted to the Community Room: Benny, Joon, Nelson

Promoted to the Lobby: Maggie

Jackie is extra super mega happy about being in the diet suite.
Jackie is extra super mega happy about being in the diet suite.

Promoted to the Lounge: Felix

Promoted to Heaven: Cookie

Promoted to the Diet Suite: Jackie

If this millennium was a human, it would now be old enough to volunteer at Tabby’s Place. 2014, you’ve already proven you’re cooler than being cool. The best is so dang yet to come.

Photo credits from de top: Camille by Mark (pictured for no other reason than that she’s cute, which is an unimpeachable reason); Felix by Mark; Jackie by Jess of the volunteer variety.

5 thoughts on “Epilogues: December 2013

  1. I am surprised (amazed, really) that nobody has yet scooped up Mimi. What happened to the good luck that is supposed to come with being the Home Page cover cat?

  2. I know we all miss Cookie and always will. Can’t wait to meet the new “crop” of fuzzy babies! Another resolution for 2014 – get cats to tell us where the “purr box” is!!!

  3. Great Pictures! I am very sad that Cookie died, we will all miss her 🙁
    Congrats Felix as being the lounge cat, you look adorable!
    Congrats to the adopted, I know that more cats will be adopted this year 🙂
    Meows and Purrs!!!!

  4. Great to see Felix serving as Maitre’d in the lounge (wearing his tuxedo finery)! Was it also in December that the sweet calico sisters, Cosita and Furball, went to a new home together ?

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