Elijah’s oratorio

Elijah’s oratorio

110614-elijah-1Elijah in the Bible had some grade-A adventures.

His prayers turned God’s ear and made it rain. (Biblical scholars dispute whether he was the first man ever to use the phrase, “I’m gonna make it raaaaaaaaain!”) He was known as a hairy man who wore a leather belt about his loins. (Consider him the predecessor of Thrift Shop‘s Macklemore.) He thundered the Truth when all the world spoke a lie. And his closing act was riding up to heaven in a flaming chariot driven by flaming horses.

So it’s only right that Elijah in the feline world is one righteous dude.

Elijah with brother Devin
Elijah with brother Devin

Like that other Elijah, the Tabby’s Place alumnus is worthy of his own oratorio. (Are you listening, Felix Mendelssohn?)

He has adjusted – be it ever so slowly – to two dogs and two cats.

He does the Halloween thing.

He’s a serious athlete, making (feline) brother Chase raise his wrestling game.

And he’s the star of these photos.

Elijah’s mum writes:

“Elijah is doing very well.

“He loves face and chin petting and loves to be brushed with his Furminator.

“Elijah has found a few places around the house that are his favorite spots for sleeping.

“And he likes to wrestle/play with his brother Chase a couple times a day.”

Elijah enjoys Halloween. Using the word "enjoys" rather loosely.
Elijah enjoys Halloween. Using the word "enjoys" rather loosely.

That’s a lot of adventure for a cat who came to Tabby’s Place from the shelter system. Adopted from a shelter, but returned for having become too big for the people’s laps (I wish to heaven I were making this up), the big boy never quite shook his last vestiges of bashfulness. In his brief time with us, Elijah was a bit of a retiring prophet – but nowadays, it’s clear he’s taken on the mantle of Master Of The House. As it should be.

Who needs a leather belt when you’re a hairy man clad in a pumpkin-spangled cape?

4 thoughts on “Elijah’s oratorio

  1. This is one gorgeous cat. They gave him up because he was too big? Really? As far as I’m concerned, the bigger the better when it comes to our cats!

  2. My goodness too big like saying too much heart, too much love!
    For me that is just too much so this is the best of endings
    As always thanks for everything!

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