China update: Can we get out of these bloomin’ woods already?!

China update: Can we get out of these bloomin’ woods already?!

China in the Community Room this afternoonI’m really starting to hate the phrase “not out of the woods yet.”

I don’t know if China‘s found some nice wooded sunbeam to nap in, or maybe a woodland stream full of trout, but she – or rather, her medical situation – likes “the woods” a bit too much for my liking.

First, the less-than-stellar news. China is, sigh, “not out of the woods yet.” In fact, last night her breathing was labored enough that Denise and Dr. C decided our calico diva needed chest x-rays before the sun went down. Fortunately, a wonderful local clinic was able to squeeze China in, and took a good look inside her too-skinny chest. It looks like the China-doll of the Community Room may have pneumonia, secondary to the annoying upper respiratory infection that’s hitting every Community Cat from Peachy to Mr. Grey to Franny to Esme.

China, suitably irritated with her photographer :-)Most of these felines are soldiering through their colds with no problem. But, much like an immuno-suppressed person is more susceptible to complications from a cold or flu, China’s taking the hit harder than most. So, we’ve souped-up her subcutaneous fluid regimen with a vitamin B supplement in the fluids. It’s Gatorade-green and supposed to be quite helpful.

Which brings me to my next, much nicer, point.

Get those happy shoes ready, because China’s blood work is better. Better enough, in fact, to make one of the savvy realists on our team concede, “this makes me happy.” (Aforementioned realist then reminded me that China is – and I quote – not out of the woods yet, but that’s what wise realists must do. Moony optimists would be likely to float right off into the stratosphere if our much-needed realists didn’t remind us of, well, reality sometimes.)

Dare I imagine that this getting-better trend is moving our girl into healthy, happy territory? A territory decidedly out of those flippin’ woods?

China, still a glamour girl at 5 measly pounds.Honestly, I don’t know. At this point, we can’t even be entirely sure what’s making China better. There are a few possibilities:

1) That violent-green, vitamin B-spiked subcutaneous cocktail.
2) A liver-supportive medication.
3) Her decreased steroid dose.
Or, behind Door #4, which has my vote…
4) Sharon’s Magic Chicken.

Actually, I think Sharon’s Magic Chicken might be useful in solving a number of global crises (environmental degradation, peace in the Middle East, mullets…). And I say this as a vegetarian.

OK, let me explain.

Sharon (Jonathan’s wife and our powerhouse Volunteer Coordinator/Sanctuary Associate/Shoulder To Cry On and Beloved Friend Of All Cats & Human Beans) has many gifts. One of them is a way of cooking chicken that makes even the sickest, skinniest, crankiest calico divas eat.

China beside a dish that did not contain Sharon's Magic Chicken (or else she'd be eating it!)Day after day, Sharon lovingly prepares the (magic) chicken. Day after day, China (and food mooches like Tony and Peachy) has been downing said chicken.

And, day after day, China is starting to get better.
Coincidence? This optimist thinks not.

Yes, she’s still too skinny, and yes, she’s still in those blasted woods, but China the Community Room diva is making her way.

Dear friends, thank you for walking with her. Please do continue to keep her in your thoughts and prayers, as she needs all the help she can get finding her way out of the woods.

7 thoughts on “China update: Can we get out of these bloomin’ woods already?!

  1. More Sharon traits: miracle worker and angel! Whatever is in that special recipe, Sharon, please keep it up! And remember, all: NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF LOVE!

  2. Still praying for you China, I know that the support and love of everyone at Tabby’s Place is behind you, and they will do everything they can to nurse you back to health. A good helping of chicken probably doesn’t hurt either.

  3. I have a special pair of dancing shoes for cases like this. They are attached to powerful chainsaws and are designed to cut the way out of the woods. TIMBERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

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