Not All Cats Are Created Equal

Not All Cats Are Created Equal

maggie-349-10-18-2009-12-37-31There are some that would argue with me, but it’s true. Not all cats are created equal. Exhibit A is Maggie, who was created just a little more equal in both size (15 1/4 pounds) and personality.

Maggie arrived at Tabby’s Place in May of 2006 and from day one she proved to be quite a pistol. This description might put off a few people, so we have a euphemism for cats like her:

7 thoughts on “Not All Cats Are Created Equal

  1. Miss Maggie is like my Edward. There are some places I just can’t touch. Like you, Danielle, slowly but surely I have petted Edward a bit then walk away. In a few more years, he’ll be a real love

    1. I am not brave nor foolish enough to suggest to a kitty that (s)he might need to lose some excess poundage, but if it happens as a result of Fred dances, so be it.

  2. She reminds me of one of my favorites at my local shelter, Lucinda. She was only about 13, but she looked like she’d been through the wars, turned around and come all the way back the hard way. In addition to seeming to solicit affection, Lucinda would go as far as to curl up in a lap on occasion – just keep those fingers clear. After a year, the claws came out less and less, the teeth could be avoided. Sadly she ran out of the little bit of go she had a few weeks ago, and died in her sleep.

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