Things change: Seasons. Hemlines. Snoop Lion’s name.

And this spring, Angus…has changed.


To paraphrase Wicked, it’s hard to say if he’s been changed for the better, but Angus has clearly been changed for good.

You’ll recall that Angus was once the serene foil to Boris‘ wildman in Suite B. If Angus was the hall monitor clamoring for extra credit, Boris was the hoodlum friend urging him to loosen up his bow tie just this one time.

Kittens, the bow tie is gone. Mr. Milquetoast has become a whirling dervish of manic mayhem, and nobody is quite sure how it all happened — least of all, Angus himself.

Was he bitten by a radioactive spider? Is this an extended Freaky Friday, where Angus is Boris and Boris is Angus?

Or is it simply a cat’s prerogative to change his mind and his mood and his mode?

Whatever the reason, the Angus of old has evolved into something closer to Angus Young (and just in time for Back in Black, no less). It’s worth quoting the venerable Wikipedia at length here, regarding that other Angus’ stage antics:

“Angus Young is famous for his wild onstage antics: intense jumps and running back and forth across the crowd. Once Young would clamber onto Bon Scott’s or Brian Johnson’s shoulders during concerts and they would make their way through the audience with smoke streaming from a satchel on his own back, while he played an extended improvised guitar solo …

“He frequently does Chuck Berry’s duck walk, as well as a kind of spasm, during which he throws himself to the ground, kicking, shaking, and spinning in circles, while playing the guitar.”

"Oh no he didn't..."
"Oh no he didn't..."

Angus the cat’s stage antics are remarkably similar. Unfortunately, LaFawnduh and Cory and Katrina are slightly less tolerant than Bon Scott and Brian Johnson of such madness, as you can see in these photos. Each one is a reaction shot to Angus stamping around in rare form, rampaging like a rabid orangutan and getting all up in neighbors’ faces with the full force of his bottomless energy.

It seems Angus’ roommates simply aren’t sure what to make of this “new Angus.” They all liked the old Angus — the Angus who hid and slept, the Angus who stayed in the shadows and let them copy his homework — just fine. This Angus is brash and swashbuckling, a shock to every system.

The old Angus looked before he leapt; the new Angus leaps so fast his hind legs crash into his face.
Angus I apologized for taking up space; Angus II owns every inch of his own orbit and yours too.


He’s a bit much. But here’s the truth: we just can’t get enough.

Old or new, quiet or SEEN AND HEARD IN VIVID TECHNICOLOR!!!, Angus is 100% real and 100% right. So while his feline roomies get used to Angus’ key changes, we can’t help but love him more each day.

Yes, he’s changed for the better. And I have a feeling he isn’t finished just yet.

3 thoughts on “Changus

  1. Performance art! Sounds like Angus feels safe and loved and happy and is going to let everyone know. And, he has grown into a very handsome fellow, too.

  2. LOVE it! had to share it! Imagine how Saul’s friends must have felt when The Lord turned him into St. Paul???!!! Not meaning to compare man to cat, but it must have been a similar scene to that of little Angus and his “friends”! 😀
    Do so enjoy your blog, Angela!

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