245When it comes to meows, loud is impressive. Loud is good. Loud is Green Day. Loud is Hawkeye.

But it takes something more than volume to anchor an epic anthem. Think Bach. Think Pink Floyd. Think Neil Diamond. Think…Russell.

That’s Russell Crowe, if you want to get formal about it - but not the swashbuckling, paparazzi-smashing, gladiating, Beautiful Minded one. No, around here we’re all about the Russell who rocks…and sings.

It’s a singer we would need for the competitive choir Jess (our intrepid videographer) sought to assemble this week. The only thing bigger than Russell’s heart and his hair is his voice, and so it’s only fitting that he should be the Danny Zuko of these greasers, the Rachel Berry of these Gleeks, the Bob Marley of these Wailers.

And as you’re about to see, these wailers can wail:

Extra credit to anyone who can name every single cat featured in this music video and name which one makes a bittersweet posthumous appearance.

5 thoughts on “Cattiator

  1. jb, the same thing happened to my two boys, Rascal and Ramone. As soon as Russell started I looked down and there stood both of them! Ramone looks surprisingly a lot like Russell whereas Rascal is a white tummied Tabby with the same colors as Russell. This is the first time I have seen them both react to a cat’s call even though I’ve played VDVs of cats talking before (which they mostly ignore). So if your cat came running and mine did, too, I’m wondering what he was saying in cat language??? Then again, maybe it’s best we don’t know…

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