It’s here, kittens.

Your chance to make history, that is.

The sky has opened.

The moon has risen.

The call has gone forth: we need constellations of kindness to light the world for the cats who have walked too long in darkness.

We have hereby launched the Capital Campaign for Quinn’s Corner, and it’s your move, your moment.

You’ve been moving the stars and planets for years at Tabby’s Place. Together, we’ve saved nearly 4,000 cats from hopeless situations: the paraplegic and the peculiar, the sweet and the scared, the diabetic and the diapered, the local and the Lebanese.

One by one, they’ve come home to hope, hilarity, and limitless love. One by one, they’ve counted on you and found that you can be counted on. One by one, you’ve defeated dark skies, donating and devoting yourselves and delivering the dawn to cats who have only known night.

But there’s been one lonely planet beyond even the reach of the Tabby’s Place sun: cats with feline leukemia virus (FeLV).

That all changes here and now, if you’ll shine your love at full blast.

Quinn’s Corner, our long-awaited first expansion, will be a universe of mercy for FeLV+ cats — up to fifty of them, frolicking and cuddling and making merry as only a Tabby’s Place-treasured cat can do. There’s nothing like it in this world (or any other, as far as we know, but don’t quote me on that).

And, since you happen to be out-of-this-world, we need you now more than ever.

In addition to being our first expansion, this is our first Capital Campaign. Technically, that’s a fancy term for Big Boisterous Adventure To Raise All The Dollars. But I’d prefer to take our definition from a more catlike source.

If you’re familiar with Pride and Prejudice, you’ll recall a certain jubilant old gent who exclaims “CAPITAL!” whenever things are even mildly wonderful.

Crustless cucumber sandwiches for teatime? CAPITAL!
The winkiest glimpse of sun between the clouds? CAPITAL!
The very existence of cats? CAPITAL! CAPITAL!

A campaign that will save the very last cats to be saved? CAPITAL! CAPITAL! CAPITAL!

I may be a hyperbolic little nebula, but mark my words: I truly believe history will remember 2022 as a turning point in the history of cats. There has never been a haven like Quinn’s Corner, and there will never again be a starless sky over the cats about to come home.

Will you shine for them?

Will you be the marvels and meteors I know you are?

Your moment. Your move.


Pictured here: FeLV+ luminaries Magellan, Donegal, Diana and Quinn, just the vanguard of the valiant cats we’ll be cherishing by the dozen at Quinn’s Corner…with your help.

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