Kitty LeFey’s Cosmos: A Recipe for Success

Kitty LeFey’s Cosmos: A Recipe for Success

Ever have an idea that’s half-baked? If the answer is yes, you are well on your way to understanding cats. Many of them have lots of ideas. Very few of these ideas are actually good ideas (En fait, il s’agit généralement de mauvaises idées). None of them are very well thought out at all.

Nevertheless, it’s good to keep half-baked ideas on the back burner. When push comes to shove, combining the right ingredients will help with cooking up something really good.

At Tabby’s Place, we aim to make sure each idea serves up something worth sinking your teeth into.

One particularly great human idea was moving Poblano into the same suite as Pepita. Poblano brings bowlfuls of spice and a dash of charm to the mix. Pepita add large scoops of sweetness and a soupçon of zest. The balance is reflected in the general peace and pace of the suite. Besides, just imagine the tasty dish they serve up!

Of course, our special pepper and pumpkin seed aren’t on their own in livening up this particular casserole. Ash brings a dash of smokiness to the mix. Shiloh tosses in a little honey (No, not that Honey! Horrors!). Snowy sprinkles in even more sugar. Malora…well, Malora supervises from a distance. She understands the potential disaster of having too many chefs in the kitchen.

Malora has no cause for concern! The special blend of ingredients and seasoning makes a visit to this suite absolutely delectable. Success from a slow approach and distance kept from Ash resulting in no hisses and Ash staying in place is the perfect petite amuse. Following that, Shiloh will serve up a tasty appetizer (Shiloh licks every visitor who sits down for half of a second!), and that is Poblano’s cue to throw some seasoning into the mix.

If this isn’t enough to fill hearts to overflowing, a step across the hallway into the solarium leads to Pepita’s station. In her favorite place, Pepita is bound to fill cups and plates to overflowing with her particular flare. [Sometimes Malora can be found there too – just keeping an eye on everyone.]

And, since the proof of the pudding is in the tasting (definitely metaphorically in this case; hairballs…ugh), it’s important to note that Ash’s outer shell has been cracked open to show the sweet golden heart within. No longer quite so frightened of humans, hisses and hiding have given way to purrs and pets. Adding another tasty tidbit, Cookie Monster has moved into this delicious suite to see what’s cooking and add to some zest of her own to the mix.

With so many cats bringing their unique contributions to the table, the suite offers up a veritable buffet. These diverse dishes remind us of our own unique qualities, and they remind us that every single person also brings something special to the table. We are all made up of slightly different ingredients. We are all baked in different ovens. But, in the end, we’re all part of the same pie. Putting us all together to take care of the works at Tabby’s Place? That’s a recipe for success.

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