Gender Female
Breed DSH
Color White Grey
Markings Bicolor
Age 8 years

Although Malora is in Ringoes, New Jersey, after a visitor spends a little time with her, it occurs to them that she might fit just as well in Atlantic City. One of the poker rooms, perhaps, because she has a very good poker face.

Malora arrived at Tabby’s Place in October 2021, and what little we know about her history is that she lived most of her life outside.  Of course, a small furry animal out in the wild must be very careful about who she trusts, and that has carried over to her indoor life. So far, she’s spending time where shy cats often settle down, way up on a ramp a few inches from the ceiling. At the highest point within her suite, the better to observe and to be prepared. When she’s in a more personable mood, she’ll wander down to a comfy nook in one of the cat trees and curl up for yet another nap.

Malora’s cuteness is accentuated by one bent ear due to chronic ear infections. She also has chronic issues with congestion and diarrhea that are managed with diet and medication, but she is currently stable and doing well.

Due to her outdoor upbringing, Malora will need an experienced family that is willing to take the time to tackle her shyness. The thing that makes Malora different is that she isn’t displaying signs of being terrified by humans. She doesn’t recoil from being touched, and her pupils don’t dilate in fear. It’s that response (or lack of it) that allows us to believe she will continue to learn to trust and be able to adapt to indoor life with an adopter. Currently, she works with several volunteers through our Befriending Fearful Felines to help with her socialization progress, but she would do best in a patient home. Perhaps with you?

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