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March 25th, 2011 [5 Comments]

Show me the cats, part I

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mapCats seem naturally unskeptical. Armed with industrial-strength amounts of awesome, they’re happy to believe each morning that the world is good and hope is real.

But when you’re from the Show Me state, you might need a pinch of proof before you give your whole heart.

Winter (by Danielle)

Winter (by Danielle)

Well, if you’re a human bean, you might. While their human counterparts may crow, “I’m from Missouri – you’ll have to show me,” the St. Louis Six are willing to take our word for it that Tabby’s Place rocks hard.

You’ve already met Winter, that great Swiffer who makes every day as cool as Christmas.

Then there’s Kendall, a cat whose name naturally spins off qualifiers like “The Beautiful” or “The Luminous.” Her Royal Highness’ photo should be enough to explain those epithets, from her custom “eyeliner” to the golden sparkle shot through her coat.

The cat-breed-savvy among you are probably already asking: is Kendall a Bengal?

Kendall the Glorious

Kendall the Glorious

We can only be about as sure of that as you are when you buy a “genuine Coach bag” off the street. There’s no official paperwork, or prestigious pedigree, proving Kendall’s fancy lineage. But I’m from gullible Jersey, not Kendall’s own Show Me state, so I’ll take her word – or rather, her face – for it.

As lovely as our fancy girl may be, she’s even sweeter – and, as you can see, that’s saying a great deal.

But you have to promise me something, good people of Felis Catus: you must never, ever speak of Kendall in the earshot of The Peachable One.

Kendall shows her sparkles

Kendall shows her sparkles

There was a time – a long and proud time – in which Peachy was the only fancy cat at Tabby’s Place. In a sea of domestic shorthairs/longhairs/inbetweenhairs, Peachy was a Siamese. You can bet your balloons she never let the peons forget that. In all of Ringoes, just one purebred reigned. And so it should ever be.

So if Peachy catches wind that there’s a Bengal in the building…well, let’s just say Mike Tyson’s ear-biting days will look like the teddy bears’ picnic in comparison.

Actually, I have some concern that Peachy already knows…and that she has a mole in the Special Needs Suite. Sweet, harmless little Hawkeye has become the Mighty Wrath Beast since Kendall moved in, and you can almost taste the loathing between them as you enter the room. Is Hawkeye on Peachy’s payroll? That, you will have to show me.

And with that, I am going to leave you a weekend cliffhanger. Prepare to meet the next four Show Me staters on Monday. 😉

A Missouri moosh you'll meet on Monday. Guess his name for extra credit.

A Missouri moosh you'll meet on Monday. Guess his name for extra credit.

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5 Responses to “Show me the cats, part I”

  1. mishale70 says:

    What sweet, gorgeous babies from Missouri!!! I can’t wait to meet the next set on Monday! I’m guessing the moosh’s name is Pumpkin because he has a sweet, round face. Kiss ’em all for me!

  2. SuzanneD says:

    Kendall is stunningly beautiful, sparkles and all! It’s hard to imagine Hawkeye not falling in love with her on sight. 🙂 (P.S. You’re still gorgeous, Peachy!)

    My extra credit guess on the adorable orange guy’s name: Creamsicle. Or Rodney. He looks like both. 🙂

  3. Lynnwebb says:

    I went back to the “Moon-Faces” blog and am guessing his name’s Icelus 😉

  4. Using Kendall’s photos as a go-by…. right-click, Save Image… “Captain”? Hopefully soon the captain of someone’s heart.

  5. Karen says:

    oohh — can’t wait to moosh these guys!

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