Snow whoa

Snow whoa

17462951138_dd6a1bd9ef_zWith apologies to the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, winter is not coming.

This is the time of magnolias and birdsong and the leaping greenly spirits of trees.

But that doesn’t mean we’re not game for a little snow.

Her Eminence, Empress Kitty
Her Eminence, Empress Kitty

Or, to be more precise, Snow.

You may recall the Jersey-to-Georgia-to-Jersey belle that is Kitty. She was lost, found, lost and found again; this spring, she came home to Ringoes.

But, as befits a dame of her stature, Kitty did not make the journey alone.

When ancient Roman emperors returned from battle in triumph, they regularly led captives in their train. Rejoicing Romans would frolic out of the city to greet their conquering hero. Much merriment would be made.

Kitty has been taking notes on all this pageantry.

Out from the kingdom of Ringoes danced two Tabby’s Place volunteers, picking up the rescue relay that would ferry Kitty and company up the coast.

Who needs the Sierra Madre? Behold the treasure of the Sierra Rosenberg.
Who needs the Sierra Madre? Behold the treasure of the Sierra Rosenberg.

And, of course, for her return home, Kitty brought captives, with a feline twist. Rather than capturing creatures for her own designs, Kitty was in the business of setting slaves free. You could practically hear strains of “We Shall Overcome” roaring up the coast: Kitty would be attended by not one, but two, fellow freedcats from an Atlanta shelter.

And that’s where the flakes start flying.

You may recall that Kitty had liberated one long-haired, luscious beast by the name of Sierra. That is true. Sierra is here, and she’s fabulous.

But why free one when you can liberate a pair from their yoke?

Kitty may have come from the land of peaches and palmetto bugs, but she brought us a fresh pile of…Snow.

And from this point on, nothing I say will register, because you’re about to be immolated into a poof of powder.

Snow no...there goes your heart.
Snow no…there goes your heart.
Don't say I didn't warn you.
Don’t say I didn’t warn you.
All that beauty and sweetness...and a purdy smile to boot.
All that majesty…and a purdy smile to boot.


Whatever has come our way, it’s not winter. “Snow” or no, nothing cold could melt and smelt us down to pure love.

And you bet your buttons he’s doing…just…that.

Posted in loving memory of the great B.B. King, who brought love and warmth to town from September 16, 1925 – May 14, 2015.

Photo credits from de top: Mary the Magnificent x4, AT x2.

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  1. Snow and Sierra, welcome to Tabby’s Place (someone said “heaven on earth for cats). I love that smile! New unnamed kittens coming in could be BB, King and Lucille, in memory of the great B.B. King (even Thrill).

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