“Unadoptable” Gumbo

“Unadoptable” Gumbo

GumboIn case the written word doesn’t quite capture my tone, my use of the word unadoptable is entirely ironic.

Except for the fact that, so far, it’s been weirdly accurate for one of the most outrageously “adoptable” kittens I’ve ever seen.

Gumbo has been at Tabby’s Place for over two months.
Gumbo has been put on hold for adoption three times…and three times dropped like a flamin’ tater.
Gumbo has actually been adopted once…and then returned within two days.

Now, if Gumbo (whose name alone makes him cuter, methinks) were a 26-year-old, meaner-than-the-junkyard-dog-and-Leroy-Brown-combined, balding, projectile-vomiting cat with two heads (both of them vicious)…I think I’d understand why he hadn’t found his forever home just yet.

But Gumbo is…well, just take a look at the guy:

Gumbo showing his "unadoptability"

See what I mean?

And, lest there be any question about Gumbo’s personality, this munchkin is a one-kitty smorgasbord of sweetness. He loves people, exuberantly. He loves cats, indiscriminately. He loves just being alive and romping free.

Who would want a cat like that?

Gumbo, a.k.a. Tiny TonyNo, really, I’m asking. Who? Are you out there? ‘Cause Gumbo’s been waiting two Tony, a.k.a. Jumbo Gumbomonths for you. At this rate, he’ll be bigger than his large lookalike, Tony, by the time he finds the home he deserves.

Not that we wouldn’t love to keep him as the staff pet at Tabby’s Place. And, it certainly wouldn’t be a bad life for the Gumbster. Living in the lobby, biding his time being loved and snuggled like mad by 100+ adoring fans, wrestling with “Weird Uncle Tashi“…a cat could do (much) worse. It’s a far cry from the sewer drain in which he was found as a lonely 4-week-old.

But still. Again, I implore you; just look at the guy:


There’s a home for Gumbo. I know it. It’s coming. You’re coming, whoever you are, oh grand Gumbo-family.

And in the meantime? I’m not complaining about the extra time we’ve been given to snuggle this munchkin, as “unadoptable” as he may be. 😉

5 thoughts on ““Unadoptable” Gumbo

  1. I am coming to Tabby’s Place in the still of the night…alone…and stealing this little Gumbster for my own! I can’t believe he’s still there — Fred and Angela, I’m “dancing” with you to get this little angel a home! Just watch his videos — how much cuter could anyone ask for?!

    1. And if I lived closer to Ringoes than the current 2,949 miles I would scoop up little Gumbo (while Karen is closing the window we used to get in the building in the first place!) and take him home to Gilroy and make him a Powell. How does the name Gumbo Timothy Matthew Powell sound – rather distinguished I believe! Even better he would be named after two National League Cy Young award winners – San Francisco Giants star pitchers Tim Lincecum (2008 winner) and Matt Cain (2009 winner). Yes, I am jumping the gun a bit on the second one but I’m sure when push comes to shove the powers that be will see it my way!

      Love and kisses to you Tiny Tony!

  2. I want to join in the “Adopt Gumbo” dance too! How can anyone resist that adorable, sweet baby? If I didn’t have a two cat limit, I’d adopt him myself. He’s absolutely darling.

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