Uma: all over but the screaming

Uma: all over but the screaming

UmaIt takes a special cat to introduce herself to everyone in the building at once, without actually meeting them.

Then again, Uma is one screamingly special heck of a cat.

UmaTake the loudest cat you’ve ever heard. Multiply that mega-meow by, oh, say, 70 jillion, and you’ve got a fair idea of Uma’s voice. Now, since I don’t do intake exams for our new kitties, I’m normally not one of the first to glimpse the freshest faces at Tabby’s Place. But Uma had only been with us a few hours before I knew her, sight unseen.

My ears full of her MAAAAOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!, I had to ask, “Who is that?”
Danielle smiled. “That’s Uma.”

Until that day, I honestly believed I had the single loudest cat in America living in my own home. But, my darling Dibbles, I’m afraid you have been dethroned. Uma’s meow is enough to blow the paint off the wall. Heck, it may well be enough to disrupt air traffic control.

Fortunately for our little tabby, all this screaming is of the happy sort. She’ll scream when she meets you, scream when you pet her, scream while she walks to her food dish, scream just for the yell of it. Like a 10-year-old girl who’s just discovered she has a pretty voice, Uma simply can’t stop singing.Uma

As one visitor bluntly put it to me, “it’s going to take a special person to adopt that cat.”
“Or a deaf person,” his wife offered.

Dear friends, I am delighted to report that, in fact, Uma hasn’t had to wait very long to find someone who can live with her loudness. Uma’s new family loves our little ticked tabby just the way she is. Uma’s only about a year old, and clearly has lots of love and energy to share, so her family can look forward to years of enjoying that loud, lovable Song Of Uma.

And that is most definitely something to shout about. 🙂

PS: These adorable Uma pics are all Danielle’s doing. Many thanks, Danielle.

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