Too fat for Fat Tuesday

Too fat for Fat Tuesday

091104-jackieIt has come to my attention that I made a major Mardi Gras faux pas.

I neglected the opportunity to focus on the gras.

And so, before large felines storm the Community Room and demand my head on a stick, I present you…






Happy Mardi Gras, Jackie. We love you and are legitimately frightened of you.

*The following actually happened: Within 7 minutes of publishing yesterday’s blog post, I received an email with the subject line ” :(  “. The message was simple and direct: “I was hoping there would be a Jackie feature for Fat Tuesday.” My bad, indeed. The valiant reader who sent me this alert will remain anonymous, but he may or may not share his name with an incontinent cat, and he may or may not be the exceedingly excellent graphic designer of our newsletter.

**And if you think focusing on feline fat is offensive, just think of it as phat, that sadly-passe term from about 15 minutes c. 1995, meaning “obesely awesome.”

6 thoughts on “Too fat for Fat Tuesday

  1. OMG! The picture of her in the tube had me laughing so hard that my co-workers wanted to know what I was up to. She’s such a cutie! Thanks for the laughs!

  2. love the blog, love Jackie 🙂 That picture of her in the tunnel though had me hysterical!!! Who would have even taken such a picture? Poor Jackie! (still funny though 🙂

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